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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't Kill the Messenger

I'm not going to write about Mr. Mike anymore.

I am not going to post anymore stories over at Cryptomundo.  Even when I am asked by the owner of the website.

I was under the impression that Cryptomundo readers wanted to hear stories and articles about Cryptids.  Not for writers to bash each other.

I wanted to provide entertainment and insight to investigations and reports from all over the United States.  I didn't claim that I was responsible for any of the content or the events that transpire.  I just wanted to share what I know and hear with my readers.  If you don't agree, that's fine.  There is no reason to belittle me or hurl insults.

I am here for your entertainment.

Am I going to turn the world of Bigfoot research on it's ear?  Most likely not.  Am I going to write a best seller and make millions of dollars?  No.  Am I going to bash a witness or tear apart somebody's story just because I don't believe it?  Absolutely NOT!  That is not my place.  I simply wanted to supply you, the reader, with information that is said out loud and said behind closed doors.  You can draw your own conclusions, debate the issues, but don't kill the messenger.

And for the record, Lan is not the only capitalist pig in the business...when you see/hear Lan you know exactly what you are getting!  A loud-mouth, self-centered, egotistical, attention-loving, ratings grabbing prick!
I say to you, beware of capitalist pig's in sheep's clothing...they are out there, and some of you worship the very words they write.  You buy their books.  You pay their speaking fees.  You pay for them to attend your conferences.  Don't be so quick to judge.

*Sanjay Singhal writes: Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear of your experiences on cryptomundo; I encountered a similar situation two years ago after MK Davis's enhancements of the Patterson film. However, that is a story for another day.
Sharon, Mr Mike is not the only person who is having these experiences. I am so relieved to know that I'm not the only one who has encountered Bigfoot in this fashion; for a very, very long time I thought I was going barking mad, or at the very least, temporarily insane. I didn't know what I was seeing, or experiencing, and it has taken a very long time to understand the phenomena of this level of activity.


  1. Sharon,

    Unfortunately one must be thick skinned around some of the people in this field. Not saying you aren't, but the blogs and forums have become such an impersonal stage where many just seem to relish on finding the supposed loopholes of a story, regardless of the fact that there could be another non-logical explanation. Non-logical in respect to the perceived norm of society. The thing is, there is more in our universe that we don't understand, which likewise seems to be more prevalent the deeper we explore the bigfoot mystery.

    The bigfoot field is stuck in a rut of denial of bigfoot possibly being anything but some undiscovered elusive giant ape. Never mind that we have hundreds of unusual reports that cannot be explained, or that the main organizations omit such reports from their databases. The Mike story needed to be investigated by those who weren't going to simply write it off when they didn't see something themselves. If according to what you've reported, maybe that is happening by some who are truly open-minded based on the true meaning of the term.

    Hang in there Sharon, yes you are merely the messenger, so don't let the armchair crowd sway you. The field is long overdue for a paradigm shift. There is no guarantee, but maybe the Mike story is one of the steps in that direction.


  2. Wow...I couldn't believe Loren Coleman's diatribe in reference to Sharon's post on Cryptomundo. It's probably high time that Mr. Coleman and is followers move on to another venue. First he complained about Cryptomundo's new he's jumping on Sharon because of what he sees as a 'slight'.

    Unfortunately, it's all about those who feel they deserve to be seen on a higher plateau than others and to never be questioned. I really wonder if these 'elite' in the field of crytozoology want the truth, let alone, will they ever accept it.

  3. Sharon, I read Coleman's piece and some of the comments over there. Coleman has his own agenda, and some of those comments, simply rude jerks.

    I encourage you to say what you want to say; don't stop giving us news about "Mr. Mike" or anything else, please! We need to know the news, the data, the gossip, lol, all of it. So that we can make up our own minds, and not let others tell us what to think.

    Thanks Sharon for being honest, open and direct.

  4. Sharon, Keep giving us ALL the news, no matter what the content. If you don't we out here in bigfoot enthusiast world won't know a darn thing. Unfortunately killing the messenger has always been the practice, a piss poor practice, generally done by those who have closed their mind to the possibilities in this amazing universe and our little planet. Don't let it get to you.

  5. Sharon,
    unfortunately there are few exceptions in this field when it comes to Hypocrisy and self righteous judgment. I have avoided posting on many of the forums/blogs and often listen to the shows while avoiding the "Chat(Click)rooms" for just that reason. I am sure am not alone in my behavior. In my "Opinion" there is NO excuse for rudeness. In addition ,I am sick of hearing " Well,you just have to be thick skinned to have an opinion in this field" The irony is that everything is JUST an opinion in this field! How about some good old-fashioned,Polite,common decency for a change. "At the end of the day" if and/or when the existence of 'Bigfoot/Sasquatch" is proven,I'm afraid all of us interested in the subject,regardless of our self imposed pecking order, will be taking a back seat to "The Power & the Money". So until then,lets play nice,shall we?
    You just keep doing what you're doing and have fun. I Love your reporting and thank you.
    "Joisey Gene"

  6. Sharon,
    Don't worry about it -- consider the source. Guy who runs a "toy store" and a blog, catering to a bunch of kids. I used to have a room full of toys, just like his. But ended up giving them all to my younger brother to play with when I went through puberty.
    You've got your own blog and many faithful, adult, readers. Stick with it and be happy!

  7. Sharon, I am disappointed you did not stay the course on cryptomundo as i have an open mind and hoped to get more information from you. If you had stayed you would have found that there are lurkers like myself who want to think about issues before jumping in. Sceptics do not have a problem following their well worn paths. If you had stayed you would likely have got responses that would have been more encouraging to you and at the same time been most entertaining! One thing about cryptomundo you usually end up with multi aspects of something.
    There is a bit of an uphill struggle in that many think that critical thinking cannot lead to possible paranormal explanations.
    I'll go away now but will come back here to see what you are up to. Felicitations.

  8. Sharon,all I can say about the whole situation is... "What you can do"?