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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rare Primate Caught on Camera

The Horton Plains slender loris was discovered in 1937 and was last spotted in 2002. Scientists had thought the species had died off.

However, researchers working with the Zoological Society of London in Sri Lanka had managed to photograph the rare creature and subsequently were able to capture the Loris and give him a full physical examination.

The habitat for the Loris will probably not sustain the species much longer due to the deforestation of Sri Lanka. The island is being divided into sub islands separating the animals from their future mates.

Craig Turner, a conservation biologist for the ZSL claims, "They can't move to one another, they can't mate, breed, so it has real implications for the future persistence of the species."

Every year, across the world many of species of insects and animals are discovered and re-discovered. Let's not give up hope that what we seek is out there.

Let's make others aware of our damage to this planet. We have to make small changes.

If you would like to make any size donation to the ZSL, please click here.

On another note, notable researcher Peter Byrne has co-founded the International Wildlife Conservation Society, Inc. which operates out of Nepal, India.

The result of the society's work is the Sukila Phanta or White Grass Plains, Wildlife Reserve.  Originally designed to encompass 60,000 acres, the park in recent years has been increased in size to 200,000 acres and, mainly due to it's remoteness, has remained pristine and unspoiled, as well as only minimally explored.

Maybe we will never get to travel to Nepal or Sri lanka, but we can do our part to better the world we live in, locally or globally.


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