Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And more!

On Saturday, the day began at 10 a.m. with presentations from Tom Steenberg and the drawing for door prizes. My name was drawn and I won the book, Where Bigfoot Walks Crossing the Dark Divide, by Robert Michael Pyle. Luckily for me he was also in attendance and offered to sign the book for me. Almost everyone was a winner! There were Bigfoot books, Bigfoot wine made by Ron Morehead, plaster casts and many other donations that were offered as door prizes.

The group broke for lunch and reconvened at 2 p.m.. We sat down to a presentation by "John" who is a criminal investigator. This presentation was so enjoyable and informative! He spoke for a little over an hour and he could have easily gone on for another!

Todd then gave out more door prizes. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. The sun was warming us everytime the wind would let up and give it a chance.

I walked over to Robert Michael Pyle to have him sign my book, and this took over an hour as Bob Gimlin was regaling us with stories about the day he and Roger Patterson stumbled upon Patty.

I asked questions and he answered them forthright and with much detail. Honestly, if anyone thinks this man is lying about what he saw, they need to sit down and talk to him and ask questions.

The conversation was in depth and open. I learned about the night of October 20th, 1967. Bob and Roger had to gather up Roger's horse and head back to their camp to retrieve the casting materials, they went back to Al Hodgsen's store and Bob picked up some empty cardboard boxes to carry them back. The casts were poured but they had to wait hours. Around 4 a.m. it began to rain and Bob put the boxes over the casts so they wouldn't get ruined. It began to pour and the low road out of Bluff Creek was being washed away. The truck with the horse trailer was a front wheel drive and they had a heck of a time getting over Onion many little details that none of us had ever known, unless of course you had talked with Bob and asked the questions.

The conversation soon turned to butterflies and tattoos and we laughed and joked like nobody's business.

I walked away to mingle and Robert finally signed my book.

We then posed for a group picture to memorialize the event. We had to get about 50 people in the picture and that was no easy feat!

We then were told to meet at 5 p.m. to sing Happy Birthday to Peter Byrne. It was a surprise birthday party for him! Donations were made in lieu of gifts for Peter's project in Nepal. I will add a link so you can donate as well! :)

International Wildlife Conservation Society

Yvonne and Todd then began the preperations for the cook out and again everyone was eating and mingling.

That evening, Robert M. Pyle read his stories to us with his engaging style as the campfire roared. Ron Morehead then gave the Sierra Sounds presentation in place of the absent Scott Nelson.

So we are sitting in the glow of the roaring campfire and Ron is playing audio from the Sierra Sounds. It was surreal.

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