Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It Was the Best of Evidence;It Was the Worst of Evidence

Tonight I asked a few questions to Melissa Hovey. We were casually chatting and I asked if I could use our conversation. There will be no arguments or debate surrounding the telling of this event. We aren't going to discuss the authenticity of "The Photo".

Melissa Hovey is a well known Sasquatch researcher. Melissa now resides in the state Ohio after leaving Dallas to be with her fiancee, Wayne Larsen. She is President of the American Bigfoot Society (ABS) an organization comprised of researchers, 'from across the country and around the world, who all share the common goal of documenting what has been described as an Upright Bipedal North American Primate.' She is also a former member of the TBRC so you know this woman has had her field training.

Melissa is a very blunt person who doesn't mince words. And as you can imagine, she has gained both fans and enemies alike. Her background as a Paralegal assists her in getting down to the nitty gritty, sinking her teeth in and not letting go until she is satisfied with her results. To me, she has always been the Pit Bull of women in Sasquatch research.

Because we have such different styles, (and because I can be obnoxious at times) we have not been the closest of friends. Not enemies, but not BFF's either. However, she does find me amusing...(that can be bad?)
Sharon Lee what made you want to believe this witness?

Melissa Hovey I never said I do. But, he has given me no reason to believe he is a hoaxer. This is a strange situation. I have always very good at reading people - this guy is either telling the truth or he just does not care to push this hoax further or faster.. I just don't know what's in his head. So, its hard to believe him, but its also hard to call him a liar when he has not been caught in a lie. I called him a liar once.. LOL. Didn't go as planned. He simply said, "Well, that's okay. I understand why you don't believe me." Paraphrasing there. This is the most difficult situation - to include my professional interviews - I have ever dealt with.

Sharon Lee Did you feel that the photo was just "too" perfect?

Melissa Hovey Initially - and now.. Yes. Who wouldn't, I mean, look at it. But, then I say to myself ----- is it possible someone was able to snap a clear photo? Isn't that what we all want? But, then my head goes back to -- it's just too clear. It can't be real. I don't care...

Melissa Hovey You know Sharon -- it was the "is this real or not" conversations that pretty much made up our minds to publish the photo.

Sharon Lee what did you think would come of you posting the photo?

Melissa Hovey Honestly, I thought within a day or two someone would produce an image that matched - and it would be discovered that this was a photo of a movie costume. Seriously. That's what all the members of the ABS BOD thought would happen. Then, a week went by, then two, then three....

Sharon Lee has the witness contacted you since you published the photo?

Melissa Hovey Yes he has. Multiple times. No, he has not released any new information with the exception of the game cam/ 35mm clarification.

Sharon Lee did he apologize for the maelstrom? Has he invited you to the location? Is the witness watching all of this unfold on Facebook?

Melissa Hovey No, but I don't think he is paying attention. He has never really cared what anyone thought of the photo. He didn't send it to me for the reaction of anyone but experts. What questions would you like Melissa to answer? Post them here and I will do my best to get them posted.

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