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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Squatching USA

I am organizing a 3 month tour to film a documentary about my travels related to Bigfoot Research and FaceBook. I hope to begin July 1 in Ohio and end in Jefferson, Texas for Cryptopalooza in October. I would like to get a list of people, fellow researchers and Facebook friends who would be willing to share your research areas or homes with me as part of the journey. The sooner I can get names and locations, I can map out the course. I will be blogging and updating my travels daily and hopefully will have much success and good times! If you are willing to assist me in this project please email me at: Thank you!
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  1. You know you are welcome at my place in Sonoma any time Sharon! You could take a break from Bigfoot and go wine tasting with me :)

    Plus I'm sure I can find a place for you to stay down around Felton, so you can hang out with Mike Rugg. In fact maybe we can both do that and then head up to Happy Camp together for our Expedition there!

    We are also setting up some habituation camps around Felton so we could camp out there for a few days, or longer!

    I can hardly wait!! !

  2. Thanks! This is shaping up very nicely! I will be able to plan this out if the project gets the green light! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

    Thanks everyone for the email invites! I am stoked!

  3. Willow Creek might be on yer map....

  4. my name is shirley rasberry i live in goldonna louisiana,and i think it would be nice if u want to come here as we have had bigfoot activity this oct will be 2 years we are working with the GCBRO mr jim lansdale,the monster has grawled and the screams in the night with pics and daytime pics, my email is we are on youtube swamp squatchers episode1 and 2

  5. Hi Sharon, let me know when you are getting close to Montana. You can stay here at the Montana Vortex. Plenty of room. Sounds like a great trip. See you soon. Joe

  6. Looks like you are planning on coming through Salt Lake City on your return trip so you'll be less than an hour away from where I live in Brigham City to the north. Would love to be a part of your project and I can think of a number of the guys living in this same general area who would also be interested once they hear about it. So count us in! Lots of research areas close by to visit too. And if you need a place to stay you are welcome to my extra bedroom or I can ask around for you if you need something closer to SLC. Just let me know and your wish will be my command. Terry Baddley