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Incident at Boiling Springs Campground, Idaho

This story comes to me from a reader who is interested in learning if there are other reports, sightings or incidents near the Boiling Springs Campground area.

Witness report-My bigfoot story begins with me reading about three other reported sightings in the area of Boiling Springs Camp Ground between 2008 to 2010. So I decided to do my bear hunting at the same site.

The day was Saturday, September 24th, 2011. My friend Eric and I were bear hunting and we set out about 8am. The weather was clear and sunny; the temperature was about 46 degrees. We hiked about 2 miles up the south fork of the Payette river and crossed over to start moving into the tree line.
After about a half mile we were moving up hill and were stopped by the noise of something moving through the brush. We did not see anything as the wilderness up there is quite thick. We got behind a large downed pine tree and waited to see if the thing would continue to come in our direction and it didn’t, so after 20 minutes we decided to walk in the direction of where we heard the noise, we got about 150 yards up a old game trail and were moving up hill and come to a small stream with water running in it, but the bushes were so thick you couldn’t see the water. During the hike there were typical forest sounds such as birds, squirrels and bugs. Once we got closer to the bushes the forest was dead silent and at one point I told Eric to listen and he said he couldn’t hear anything and I said that’s what I am talking about there are no noises at all. As we moved closer to the bushes a large but new green pine cone with pine needles still attached came flying out of the bushes in our direction. So we stopped and looked at each other and not knowing what to think we decided to move closer and I am scanning the hill with my weapon L-to-R and then I noticed as we got closer to the bush a rock the size of a softball maybe a little bigger came out of the bushes at Eric, it wasn’t really thrown at him but it was in his direction for sure, so we stopped and I put my weapon on fire at this point and am in full Recon mode as we walked even closer at this point we are about 30yards from the bushes still moving up hill and from a different area up and to the right and further up the hill another pine cone came at me this time, and Eric asked me what we should do and I said let’s get out of here because to be honest I wasn’t ready to kill something that I don’t know what is was….we never saw anything but I do feel like something strange happened up there.

Back at the campsite there were no other hunters in the camp and we saw no other hunters as we moved through the woods. At no time did anyone announce their presence which is what I would have thought a hunter would have done considering we had our weapons pointed at them.

We were on the downhill side of the encounter and the wind was not heading in our direction but we did not smell anything out of the ordinary. Please keep in mind Sharon I am a Special Forces Trained Solider as a Force Recon Marine and Air Force Combat Controller and have three tours in combat there isn’t much that get the hairs on my neck to stand up but in that moment, it’s hard to explain but I was on edge.

I have spent a lot of time in the wilderness around the world from jungle, deep woods to tundra both hunting and training while I was in the military, I know how to be a part of my surroundings blend in.

Previous sightings reported on the BFRO:

The first sighting was in 2008 by a husband and wife on ATV’s and it was at the end of Sept. they were riding on the Forest Service Road and the wife saw what looked like a hairy tall person run across the road in front of her and up the hill so she speeded up to catch up to her husband whom was around the counter looking up at the same thing, and they both realized that they saw a bigfoot.

LOCATION DETAILS: Near Crouch Idaho(Valley County) about 20 or so miles up rd.# 698 is Boiling Springs Campground and a few hundred yards away is a forest service cabin and a creek right next to the campground. On November 1st 2009 around 8:00 p.m. we saw something between the trees between our sight and the rest rooms. It was walking back and forth in the clearing and swaying back and forth in the same spot when it stopped to better see us through the opening in the trees. Nothing occured to us except it maybe have been some one but we were the only campers for miles. The following year in October 30th 2010 around 10:00 p.m. at the same location we were getting spooked by the area for no reason and we actually packed up and left when again there were no other campers and we heard what sounded like a large boulder about 75-100 yards away hit the ground with a great thud. No boulder rolling or crashing down a hill but like it was thrown or dropped out of the air. No smells or sightings except a few possible 11 inch tracks in the dirt a month prior while hunting in that area.

Vocalizations reported in June of 2004

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