Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sorry Friends

I know there hasn't been much headway being made in proving the existence of Bigfoot to the general population. We go into the woods as often as we can looking for one shred of evidence that will keep us coming back.

Thanks to social networking, we now have access to hundreds of backyard squatchers. There are videos popping up everyday, new blogs, numerous radio shows, hundreds of blogsquatch photos and unfortunately, one too many "authorities" on the subject.

So many of you, us, want to see that indisputable piece of evidence. Some want it so badly that they actually see a Bigfoot in the pictures and videos that are quite obviously fakes or hoaxes.

Sometimes owls are simply owls. Sometimes old men walk in front of a camera and take video of themselves. Sometimes people want to be on television so badly that they create a situation to put themselves in the limelight. Enough is enough!

For the people who have had a face-to-face encounter, perhaps they can speak a little more loudly against the actions of those who are creating this hype.


  1. I couldn't agree more Sharon! ;)

  2. I agree with that. ... Linda Newton-Perry of the online bigfoot magazine, Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

  3. Sharon
    This was a punch in the gut. Please go to my blog and see the follow up details.

  4. Larry, I've known you 3+ years. We went squatching together in West Virginia under some very harsh weather conditions. I was thrilled to learn from your expertise on tracking. You taught me a lot and I was so impressed that you were one of my team members when I was asked to compile a team for a television show that was being put together by Philip Spencer.
    A few months ago you politely bowed out of the show stating personal reasons and I expressed my sadness for you and wished you well.
    Larry, many people don't appreciate the way I don't candy coat my observations, but I don't go as far as to call anyone ignorant. THAT, my friend, is a punch below the belt.
    I will let you continue with your analysis and I will sit by quietly. Carry on.
    I am not agreeing with your analysis, however, I am not going to start a debate over this. As always, even with the PG film, the debate will go on forever. Congratulations, you have left your mark on the Bigfoot world.

  5. I am receiving many comments anonymously because of course, no one wants to hurt anyone's feelings in this Bigfoot community. I am going to post them as long as they are not hateful.

    One reader comments:
    " I watched that I the only one that thinks this looks like an old shirtless man?? I'm just not seeing squatch...I could be wrong"
    "Your post about the BF community shennanigans. Really good. I cant believe all these peeps that have drank the punch. i believe now there have gotta be a lot of "mentally sick people in bigfootery. i have noticed a huge swing just in the 2.5years i have been involved---lol."
    And this one:
    "OMG what are people smoking???"
    "Looks like it's a person"

    Some of these comments are being left by seasoned Bigfoot Researchers from different organizations.