Monday, October 17, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Last night on the Squatch Detective radio show, Steve Kulls' guest was retired forest ranger Charles Branson of Honobia, Oklahoma.

Charles claims to have had interactions with bigfoots on his property for many, many years. The activity was such on his land that several organizations became interested in researching the area.

The individuals were always honest and upfront with Charles and for the past 10 years he has allowed them to place trail cams on what is discreetly known as "Area X".

Members of the organization are required to pay dues and to commit "service hours" for the organization. One of the chores required of certain members is to go to "Area X" and replace the cards and batteries on the trail cameras.

Charles had no problem with the researchers using his property until this past July 4th, when the organization's mission turned into more than just research.

One of the researchers caught sight of a bigfoot creature and took off in pursuit firing his AK 47 assault rifle with the intent to kill.

This organization and others, is often turning to the public pleading for donations to further their "research". If the organization has changed its original mission statement and have changed their stance from a "no-kill" to a "pro-kill" operation, then their donors should be made aware of this new practice.

The following has been transcribed from the Squatch Detective radio show last night:

At the 12:57 minute mark:

Steve: Have you ever gotten anybody that's ever come forward with a video to you, that, that you feel was a legitimate video?

Charles: Oh, we had some, uh.. We were letting some BRFO researchers from Oklahoma and Texas use our cabin facilities for the past ten years and they kept game cameras out all the time.

At the 15:15 minute mark:

Charles: We had a 4th of July incident in this area that I'm telling you about. It's OK to expand on it?

Steve: Sure...

Charles: ... researcher was actually shooting at one, trying to kill it with an AK-47. (unintelligible)

So we stopped them from using our facilities because, we know those folks are there, we don't want them bothered. They're non-violent, and we've watched them, ya know, for years, their habits and everything.

And uh, he was actually trying to kill one. And was honest enough to admit it. Which I admire, because there's not one in ten million that would admit that.

At the 27:10 mark:

Charles: ...they change seasonal their fur, just like other wildlife does.

And like this one, the 4th of July incident, uh, this fella said this one was about six and a half, seven foot tall.

He had light brown hair on his shoulders and up around his neck, real light brown and the rest of him was dark.

At the 52:43 minute mark.

Steve: Charles, you have such an appreciation for these things. Um, um, you...

Charles: They're wonderful people.

Steve: And uh, it seems like you've had more than one run in with these guys. It seems like you've almost had a nice relationship with them.

Charles: Yes, and they know it.

Steve: Now do they recognize people after a time, spell of time?

Charles: I think so. Spiritually I think they do. They're super smart. And uh, they, they can just feel...

And also, for your information, I've had... If you ever attack one, you better be careful, because they don't forget it.

Steve: Ha ha, ha... I guess not. Now have you ever known anyone to have ever attacked one or...?

Charles: Well I just told you about the 4th of July this year tried to kill one with an AK-47.

But when we go to the cabins, this hunting season, we're gonna have to be extra careful and communicate with them fellas. Ya know, let 'em know that wasn't us pulling that trigger.

We live... They're wonderful. I just wish everybody could learn to appreciate 'em more. And uh, I respect any person's right to not believe. But I also expect the same respect on my beliefs, ya know.

Steve: Now Charles, Charl...

Charles: If everybody could work together and stop the ridicule, just learn from each other then we could really move on with this thing.

And then at the 56:12 minute mark

Steve: Now the person trying to cap one with the AK-47, was that, that wasn't at your property was it?

Charles: Yes it was.

Steve: Ok, so now...

Charles: For ten years. we have give them permission to use the cabins because every so many months they go change their cameras out, see... And they was studying their habits, researching'. Uh, in fact, I've been there with them when they've played their recordings and get callbacks from 'em. I mean, it's the real deal.

But, we don't want them bothered, ya know. Well, that's it.

Steve: (unintelligible) but no guns...

At the 57:57 minute mark

Steve: Now, I have another question, and this goes back to the AK-47 incident, and that struck a political cord with some folks, and I'm gonna go ahead and honor the question.

Was there a particular group that was associated with this AK-47 incident?

Charles: Well, uh, it's BRFO, but I will not mention no names.

Steve: OK.

Charles: Because, the person has been extremely honest. And admitted it...

Steve: It wasn't the Texas group, or was it the Texas group?

Charles: Well Oklahoma and Texas both work together.

Steve: Gotcha. Gotcha. Well, that answers that question I suppose.

Steve: You sure it was the BFRO and not the, uh, next question, used to be the, gotcha Craig...

Charles: Well that's what they claim, but it could not be, ya know there's several splinter groups that says BRFO. I don't know whether it's official or not.

Steve: Is it possible that it could have been a group called the TRBC? Is it possible that you mixed those two up.

Charles: I'm not for sure (unintelligible) BRF...

You can listen to the archived show here: Squatch Detective Radio Show-Guest Charles Branson

For the record, the BFRO is not to be implicated in this story in any way. Mr. Branson was not sure of all of the letters in the acronym.


  1. I am appalled at the notion of killing any sasquatch. I understand that the mission of establishing a type specimen is an important one and that without the creatures existence being accepted and verified there can be little if any legislation proposed to protect the sasquatche’s habitat and lifestyle. In this case though the end hardly justifies the means. If we are to accept the the claims of countless sightings and reports as factual we must recognize the creature, hominid or whatever, as a species, is more human-like than animal-like. To kill a specimen would be akin to murder. To even arrive at such a cruel consideration illustrates the callous, heartless ego driven nature of some (too many) researchers.

    So…tell me…how’s that camera trap thing working out for you guys. I guess, not too well! If you were getting good surveillance you wouldn’t need to be killing such a magnificent, peaceful creature.

    I have written much on the subject of stealth-cams and bigfoot at Cryptomundo, for anyone interested. See:

  2. I just read something over on the TBRC site about this. The story is true... someone did try to shoot a Squatch on the guys property. They should re-think their plans to "harvest" a Squatch. I believe these things are pretty close to human. When you read any leaks about Squatch DNA it is always said to be real close to human. From things I've personally experienced I think they are like a wild human. "Rotton SOBs"... just my own opinion.