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Monday, July 25, 2011

Retired US Forest Service Ranger Claims Sasquatch is Real!

In January of 2000, family members who lived in a residence on the outskirts of Honobia, Oklahoma were being terrorized by several aggressive Bigfoot. They feared for their safety and sent out a plea to the BFRO, "Too many incidents to mention here, please have someone contact us. This is no hoax and my brother is afraid for his family. This creature is getting bolder every time it returns. This thing is huge, walks upright, smells like a musky urine, burned hair type odor. He repeatedly comes back in the early morning hours after midnight and harasses them until just before dawn. It has on more than one occasion tried to enter their home. We don't know where to turn. Everyone thinks we are crazy when we mention it. Please, we don't know what to do but I do know that something needs to be done! There are stories we could tell that would make the hair stand on your neck..."

Now, eleven years later, retired US Forest Service Ranger Charles Branson provides for us an inside look at what we have always assumed, the government is aware of these creatures.

Honobia is a very remote area, a little over 20 miles to the bigger town of Talahina. I've been to Honobia several times and it is quite humbling when you are out there with no cell phone coverage! It isn't hard to believe that many large creatures can hide in the surrounding mountains.
On my last trip there, we stayed in a trailer at the base of Gobbler's Knob and the hunters rode their 4-wheelers all night long hunting turkey. Our friends up the road discovered that a large bear was also traveling between the residences looking for food. There was quite the abundance of wildlife!
When I was in Honobia with the MABRC in May of 2009, me and two other girls had been hiking quite awhile and had run out of water and were heading in the wrong direction. I turned around to head back to camp to get water and a 4 wheeler to go back and collect the girls. I was walking alone when I was "charged" by something heavy with golden hair to the right of me. I could see it moving quickly through the trees. I kept my pace, not knowing if I had startled an elk or if that was one of our hairy friends. Something was out there!

Watch the clip below of the interview with Charles Branson.

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