Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boggy Creek: The Legend is True-STREAMING LIVE THURSDAY

Cryptomundo will be releasing the link to the streaming video later today.

“Boggy Creek: The Legend is True” from Studio 3 Entertainment and director Brian T. Jaynes. The 2010 production was inspired by the urban legend of a monstrous “bigfoot” type primate living in and around “Boggy Creek,” which was also the basis for the Charles B. Pierce 1972 docu-drama film, “The Legend of Boggy Creek.” The original film, shot in and around the swamps bordering Arkansas and Texas, has reportedly sold over 1.5 million video copies and generated more than $20 million in net revenues. Hannover House is the entertainment division of Target Development Group, Inc.

The Hannover House advertising and publicity campaigns will target science-fiction, fantasy and horror genre fans through specialty publications, internet outreach and social media. DVDs will be priced at $14.95 suggested retail, and Blu-Ray units will be priced at $19.95 suggested retail. Based on the evergreen interest in cryptozoological monsters such as the “Boggy Creek” creature, Hannover House predicts that the video will be well received by both retailers and video consumers.

SYNOPSIS: When Jennifer’s father dies in a horrific accident, she finds herself drawn to his small cabin in Boggy Creek, Texas. She brings a few friends along for a week’s stay, but their vacation soon turns deadly. They are warned of an evil creature that has lurked near the waters for three decades, a terrifying monster that murders men and abducts women. While camping, Jennifer and her friends encounter the creature, finding themselves on the feeding grounds of the giant beast. What began as a journey of self discovery becomes a desperate fight for survival along Boggy Creek as they soon lean that the legend is true!

The film features an attractive cast of emerging young stars, including Melissa Carnell (“Savage County”), Stefanie Honore (“Final Destination”), Shavon Kirksey (“Coach Carter”) and Texas Battle (“Dragonball Evolution”). The film was produced by Christian Remde and written by Jennifer Minar and director Brian T. Jaynes. Next up on the production slate for Jaynes is the horror-thriller, “Humans vs. Zombies.”

While focusing primarily on theatrical releases in 2011, Hannover House is also committed to a large slate of DVD and Blu-Ray titles, such as “Boggy Creek: The Legend Is True.” Next on the schedule for Hannover House is “Turtle: The Incredible Journey” to hit theatres beginning June 24, under a releasing venture with SeaWorld Pictures.

“Boggy Creek: The Legend Is True” is a sci-fi thriller, 84 minutes running time, and will be release in color and in stereo. The film is not yet rated. DVD UPC is 7-61450-25533-3; Blu-Ray UPC is 7-61450-05533-9.

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