Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oregon Travels

I arrived in Portland, Oregon and was greeted by the ever-so-charming Tim Cassidy, who was scheduled to give a presentation at Beachfoot.
We picked up the rental car and programmed our destination into the gps and headed southwest towards the ocean. Tim insisted we stop to dine at Gracie's Sea Hag restaurant for some seafood.
After lunch we headed next door to Ainslee's and picked up some salt water taffy for the road.
We coordinated our arrival to Beverly Beach with Tom Yamarone and Jerry Hein. Upon our arrival we were welcomed by Peter Byrne and Diane Stocking who was in charge of this year's event due to the overseas deployment of Ssg. Todd Neiss.
After lots of hugs we set up camp then headed down to the beach. The temperature difference from Portland to Newport was chilling! I was glad that I listened to Tom and packed some warm clothes.

We returned to camp and a car rolls up and a shy, young lad by the name of Andy Robson joins our camp. Andy has had his own Bigfoot encounters and his grandfather was interviewed in the 50's as a witness by the legendary John Green.

The guests began trickling in. Ron Morehead, Judy, Joe Hauser and Patricia, Bob and Patti Reinhart, Hal and Lupe Halderman, Matt Johnson and Cynthia, Shawn Jones and his 4 yr old daughter Elyse. We received word that Beth Heikkinen would not be attending due to the flu. Todd Neiss was still in Washington waiting to be flown to Portland!
We ran to the store for some grub and once we all had eaten, the fire was started and the guitars came out and Tom and Ron entertained us with their acoustical talents.
Finally the jeep comes rolling into camp and out pops our hero, Todd Neiss. Hugs and kisses and thanks and congratulations were dispersed and we continued with the party into the wee hours of the morning.
To be continued....
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