Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oregon Beachfoot Sighting

I have just returned from Beachfoot 2011, which is a gathering of researchers and experts such as Ron Morehead and Peter Byrne.

I had the opportunity to sit and talk with some folks from the west coast and had a great time in Oregon.

This story was told to us by Dan Patino of Colorado who is a good friend of Todd Neiss. Dan is a former police officer and park ranger.

Dan and his girlfriend had been traveling up the Oregon Coast and just before sunset, they decided to pull over and camp out for the evening on a bluff at Winema beach near Christian camp.

They had set up their tent and had a fire started just after sunset when they noticed a "person" off in the distance walking up the beach towards them. The "person" seemed to be looking for something in the sand and the couple didn't pay much attention to him. As the "person" came closer they realized that he was extremely large. They couldn't believe what they were seeing as he appeared to be over 8 feet tall! As the huge figure passed in front of them and their fire, approximately 30 feet from them, they noticed that he was covered in hair! The creature did not even glance at them and his stride was quick though he appeared to be "gliding" across the sand due to the ease and flow of his gait.

After he passed and continued down the beach, Dan ran to the footprints to see how big they were. After a few minutes his girlfriend began screaming to him to "RUN! It's coming back!!!" Dan ran back to the tent and again the creature breezed past them without a glance.

The couple was terrified and ran to their car only to realize that the keys were still in the tent! After about 45 minutes, Dan regained his composure and went to the tent to get the car keys. The couple remained in the car until sunset, too traumatized to sleep.

At sunrise they went to the beach and took the pictures you see here:

More to come from Beachfoot 2011!

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  1. Very interesting story Sharon; I live 50 miles from the Oregon coast and never heard of this event! I must live in a cave. . .:)