Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beachfoot-Part 2

I froze the entire night. Around 5 am I heard a bear/chipmunk scrounging around on the picnic table outside of my tent. Please just kill me before I die of hypothermia. A bright light emits from Tom's tent. He chases the chipmunk/mouse away. I realize that I am not dying fast enough so I decide I am going to fight to live. I unzip the tent and begin looking for the car key in the darkness. I can't find it. The back door to Jerry's Squatchmobile pops open and Jerry says, "Are you cold? Do you need another sleeping bag?" He tosses me another sleeping bag and his door pops, shut. Just a friendly Jerry-in-the-box. I then go back to my tent and double up the sleeping bags, cover my head and finally begin to warm up. I drifted off to sleep. I was wakened a couple hours later by the lovely aroma of bacon in the air. I love you Yams.
The camp began to slowly come alive with people murmuring and shivering, eating bacon, eggs, donuts, coffee, yes, the hum of Jerry's generator made us all aware of the amount of gasoline it takes to make a pot of coffee.

The presentations were to begin at 11 am beginning with Ron Morehead, but somehow the socializing just took on a life of its own and it was well after 2 pm when he began his presentation on the Sierra Sounds and his findings over the past 39+ years.
His recordings are absolutely amazing and I suggest you order a copy as they are the "real deal".

The analysis of the creatures' sounds and the integrity of the recordings were presented in a symposium at the University of British Columbia in 1978 it wasn’t until March of 2008 that a Crypto-Linguistic team of experts trained by the military discovered a complex language within the recordings.

These unique sounds suggest an insight into the nature of these elusive primates. The years of experienced intermittent encounters have suggested that these entities are more than just another animal in the woods...much more.
When Ron played some of his recordings, Patty's dog, Aries jumped up and became agitated and barked! It was quite an effective visual aid to Ron's presentation!
After an extensive Q&A session, Todd Neiss was presented with a gift from Joe Beelart who was not in attendance and the rest of us. Since he had served in Iraq, he was now a warrior and was gifted a Nepalese Khukuri knife.

After a huge ass cook out with way too much food, Tim gave his presentation on Solid Phase Micro-Extraction: the Next Step in collecting Bigfoot Evidence. He explained how to capture the pheremones or scent that is released in the air using a technique that he has been working on for a few years. He asked me not to offer any of his research to my readers, however here is what I have compiled to help you understand what the presentation was about.

Scent evidence is valuable because it can establish probable identification of the source. Human scent, like fingerprints, is unique to each individual and cannot be masked. Scent discriminating dogs can detect sweat, oils, gases, and shed skin cells. In addition, scent can be collected by placing a sterile gauze pad on the evidence and trapping the scent in the gauze. The future holds hope in proving beyond a shadow of a doubt to the scientific community that scent is evidence, that it’s always there and trackable, and that it has the ability to be used to connect the source to other forms of evidence such as hair or scat samples.

His presentation was quite informative and fascinating!

We then concluded with Orey Innis sharing his recordings of vocalizations that he and his son captured during their research.

It was then time to open up the wine and gather 'round the campfire. We sang and danced until the Sheriff showed up! We are wild like that!

It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone the next morning. I had made this trip without my usual posse and by Sunday, I had a whole new bunch of friends!

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  1. Other than being cold, it looks like you had a lot of fun. I like the line, "We are wild like that!" Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.... Linda Newton-Perry of Bigfoot Ballyhoo