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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Must Read

Recently, it has become disturbingly obvious that some people who have been in this area of research for many, many years, have not read a single book by any author, be it scientist, biologist, naturalist, primate anthropologist, etc.

There are people who call themselves researchers, simply because they had a sighting 20+ years ago, yet have not continued their education on the subject by opening their minds and ears to listen to other researchers and experts in the field!

I have said this often and I will say it again: having a bigfoot sighting does not make you an expert or authority on the creature. You have no idea what it was doing 5 minutes before you saw it or 5 minutes after.

But you will go on to tell your story over and over. You will be asked to speak at meetings and conventions. You will be asked your "expert" opinion.

I believe a true researcher is one whose mind and ears are open. Read as many books as you can. Listen to as many people as you can. Eventually the pieces will fall into place. Keep researching your areas for repetitive patterns or occurrences.

Begin with Dr. Jeff Meldrum's book, Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science
Visit websites of others, such as Bill Munns

The new generation of squatchers will be learning from us, and if you are stuck in 1985, then they don't stand a chance.

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