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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bigfoot Discovery Days III

Saturday morning we headed out to the Windjammer bar to watch some Texas/OU football.

As soon as the game ended we headed to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum where everyone was eating lunch of burgers and hot dogs.

I met several BFRO members, and I lived! Not sure why the BFRO gets such a bad reputation! So far every BFRO member I have met has been normal, sane, fun, polite. I am blessed to have met so many nice people this past year.

Ok, so after touring the museum, we headed to the Felton Community Center where the presentations were being held.

Bob Strain introduced Kathy Strain who always gives an enlightening presentation on the native American Indian/Sasquatch relationship.

Bill Munns gave his presentation about the P/G film and the difficulty of making a costume, in 1967, that would have fooled us all this long!

Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson, individually spoke about the Sierra Sounds.

Scott told us how to walk into the forest and say a word that will bring bigfoot running!

Finally,the most difficult presentation to sit through was that of David Paulides.

Now, I am pretty new to this world of bigfoot research, 6 years. I have not had time to read every book written on bigfoots because almost EVERYONE has written a book.

So, I had no idea who this Paulides guy was, but I guess I should have! In his words, he is the best researcher. His organization is the best. He doesn't consider individual people researchers. He insulted Michael Rugg, the host of the event, by telling Mike that he was not a researcher, but just a museum curator.

He then went on to talk about what a bad rap he gets, and how no other organizations will step forward to work with him. Gee, I wonder why? This guy had no shortage of arrogance!

I felt really badly for Mike Rugg. He has dedicated his life to bigfoot research and to be insulted at his own event that Paulides was invited to, was so disrespectful.

Well after a long day of presentations, we headed back to the cabins for a campfire. Of course Yams's guitar was there and before long Ron Morehead, Scott Nelson and Tom Yamarone were entertaining us with music till the wee hours of the morning...

Another California trip that ended with much success. I am so grateful to have been where I have been, and to met whom I have met.

From coast to coast there are so many people out looking for bigfoot evidence, and we do need to communicate and share information with each other, whether you are an individual researcher or an organization of any size, you all are making a difference!

Ok, enough Kumbaya...this Friday night I will be heading out with Bob/Lowrider, Jerry and some other new researchers for some night squatching in north east Ohio.

Will keep you updated!


  1. Brad Pennock10:56 PM

    Yeah, David Paulides talked a lot about how the Patterson/Gimlin story details didn't add up, but then emphatically stated he believes the Bigfoot in their movie is real. WTF? Great to see Sharon and Craig there though! Here's a slideshow of the event on the Believe It Tour Flickr site:

  2. The bfro gets a bad rap not because of their
    members, but because of their leaders. The
    moderators on the forum were very rude and
    refused to help me because I would not give
    them the location of my research. And Matt
    Moneymaker even sent me an obcene email.