Friday, October 28, 2011

Tracking Bigfoot-Available on Kindle

Lori Simmons was devastated upon the death of her father, Donald Wallace. As a tribute to him, she continued to work on the book that Donald was in the process of writing about his experiences searching for the elusive creature we call Bigfoot.
"After the passing of our father’s death we needed to fulfill a promise to him. That promise was to share my dad’s knowledge of tracking Bigfoot. It was our father’s dying wish to publish his book called Tracking Bigfoot. Our father Donald Lee Wallace was man who lived in the North Cascade Mt. for the past 30 years. He tracked Bigfoot for the past 28 years. He lived off the land and appreciated each day God gave him. My father battled cancer for many years. I believe that due to the years of living in the Mt. and a trapper before that made him an expert when it came to reading the woods. I remember walking down the trail with our dad to go fishing and he would point out different tracks by the animals that live in the woods. My dad fishing would be putting on his waiter boots and stand out in the roaring river. The beauty that surrounded us. The sense of relaxation. I knew why he was a Mt. Man. He didn’t have to deal with the city stress instead he could enjoy the relaxation of the mountains."-Lori Simmons

The Kindle version of the book, Tracking Bigfoot,is available today. The hard copy of the book should be available within the next week.

For every book sold, $1 will go towards cancer research.

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