Monday, October 24, 2011

New Report-Salt Fork State Park

This report comes to me from a very credible employee from Salt Fork State Park.

The incident occurred this past week and was relayed to the employee.

"A muzzleloader hunter was out hunting near the group camp. It was really early, rainy and very foggy. He decided to go back to camp to wait out the weather. He said as he was walking back, he saw something standing slightly uphill, behind a tree and peeking out around it at him. He said he leaned one way to see what it was, and it would duck behind the tree and peek out on the other side of the tree. It was tall and hairy, he said he thought it was a guy in a ghillie suit at first, but it wasn't. He said it ducked around a few more times and then ducked completely behind the tree. He said he walked towards the tree and it was gone and he never saw it walk away or anything. He probably would of gone into more detail, but the guys around him were giving him some grief, so he kinda clammed up. So, I don't know. Those guys have come for muzzleloader season every year for at least the past 15 years and haven't ever seen or said they've seen anything- I believe he probably did see something."


  1. Love this report! Our group was very excited with some of our little day and night jaunts during the Expo down at The Fork. The network of trails around the park form a night time highway for our friends and their food sources. We did discover an interesting print not far from the handicap parking area. Just not enough time to map out our strategic areas! Darn rain didn't make it any easier! Keep up the good work! Grey Geezer.. MIST

  2. Thank you Grey Geezer!