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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sasquatch watchers following Bigfoot blogs for the latest news on their favorite subject

Last week I was contacted by Sharon Hill of, to take part in an interview about people who blog about Bigfoot.  I was flattered that she considered my blog one of the favorites.  I was honored to share the spotlight with Guy Edwards with the Bigfoot Lunch Club and Shawn of Bigfoot Evidence.  I know that we will all continue to share Bigfoot related news and events in the best possible light for many years to come.

Her article can be read in it's entirety HERE

 I contacted three bloggers who run popular Bigfoot-focused sites and asked them how and why they do what they do. All three blogs have different personalities. And, all three writers are committed to providing the Bigfoot researcher community and the casual interested visitor with something of value. None of them say that they will be going away any time soon. Sharon Hill


  1. That was a great article and it was good to read about others in the Bigfoot blogging community. Great site Sharon Lee.

  2. Best possible light huh? Need to check your own white trash comments made from a half drunkin stupor most of the time, Make you look much less than using the best possible light on the bigfoot subject. lol
    And Darling... Trailer park trash does not mean where you live physically, It is where your mind is most often in the mental aspect. Get a grip Clean yourself up and quit surrounding yourself with only 'yes' men. You need people that will tell you the truth. Your path of enlightenment is self diluted.

  3. "White trash", "trailer park trash".
    Hmm . . .
    You seem to know quite a bit about what people that live in trailer parks think.
    Perhaps your experience is too personal?
    Don't you think your time here on Earth might be better served by choosing Blogs where you agree with the author, rather than condemn them?
    It might prove to be a learning experience, that is if your personal learning curve isn't too steep.

  4. I'm not sure when TodTKaufman posted that reply.
    I know his identity and I have taken the high road for over a year as to not expose him.

    I am a fair and kind person. I do not intentionally hurt people.

    If you go through three years, all 500 posts, I have never called anyone white trash or trailer trash. Those are his words to describe me.
    I have been patient and very forgiving and I hope that this person does not continue his tirade against me. Because I do have a breaking point.