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Sunday, December 18, 2011

June 12 Follow-Up

I've been battling pneumonia this past week and it has really brought me down.  There is nothing worse than not having the energy to go on an investigation!

This past June I shared a story with you all Things That Go Bump in the Night and have had several follow-up conversations with Doc, the witness.
If you recall, Doc had a pet billy goat named, Billy who alerted Doc to visitors on his property.

Yesterday I received a phone call from Doc and to keep this brief as I am very run down I will just give you the highlights of the conversation until I can follow it up with another on-site visit.

Friday night, Doc heard a ruckus out back and on Saturday morning, he found Billy dead with a broken neck.
Doc claims to have several images on his game cams that could indicate that the grey colored Bigfoot is to blame.
I will get more info later but I feel with the holidays this week it is going to be near impossible for me to get down there.  I will shoot for the first weekend in January.

1 comment:

  1. I had it before,it knocks the heck out of you,
    don't push yourself, just have rest, the only
    way to get better.
    That's to bad about the pet,maybe there getting violent, he better watch his butt.