Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Iron Curtain

This past week Russian Yeti researchers are claiming to have discovered ‘indisputable proof’ of the fabled beast after grey hair was found in a remote Russian cave.”
(On a side note, Ron Morehead, John Bindernagle and Dr. Jeff Meldrum were in Russia for this conference and may have visited the cave leaving behind a few of their silver locks! If only Loren and Craig Woolheater were there!)
Loren Coleman urges the research community that to see the phrase “indisputable proof” spread like wildfire has been unfortunate, for there is no zoological or anthropological proof of anything. It appears the conference organizers or the cryptotourism officials of Kemerovo or both were so interested in putting a good spin on the results of their “expedition” that they have overblown the results.

Read Loren's report on Cryptomundo.com

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