Friday, October 07, 2011

The Lost Coast Tapes

Coming to a theater near you in 2012, The Lost Coast Tapes.

The storyline: "After a "Bigfoot Hunter" claims to possess the body of a dead Sasquatch, a disgraced investigative journalist stakes his comeback -- and the lives of his documentary film crew -- on proving the find to be a hoax."
“The Lost Coast Tapes” is sure to be the next most talked about film and will bring together fans of horror and suspense. Produced by New Breed Entertainment in association with Matriarch Multimedia Group, this exciting project is already gaining a noticeable buzz online.

Set on location in Humboldt County in Northern California, “The Lost Coast Tapes” documents the found footage of a skeptical journalist who aims to prove there is no such thing as Bigfoot after someone reports they have the body of a dead sasquatch. The film will take the audience through a thrilling ride of events in the deep, dark forests and countryside of the Lost Coast, and will be sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seat.

Film is currently in production with an anticipated release date of 2012.

Follow all of the activity during the creation of the film online through various social media profiles, including tweets and posts from the actors and crew while on set.
Wow! Sounds like me taking my life in the devil's hands by traveling with Tom Biscardi!!! EEEK! (just kidding!) (just in case the BBC wants to hire me for a gig;) )

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