Monday, March 28, 2011

Jonin Us at the 23rd Annual Bigfoot Conference in Ohio

Friday, May 13 · 10:00am - 1:00pm

Ohio Bigfoot Conference - Salt Fork State Park (Don prefers we call it the 23rd annual Bigfoot conference, omitting the word Ohio since his conference is the longest running of any conference)

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Come early to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and join Believe It Tour and Ohio Bigfoot Organization for a Bigfoot Research Expedition.

Friday morning meet up with the team for a daytime exploration of hot areas as we search for physical evidence in the form of tracks, hair samples, and other signs that Bigfoot is active in Salt Fork. To accommodate all Bigfoot enthusiasts we will have two levels of scheduled hikes. One will be less... physically demanding, but it will still offer some great evidence gathering potential. For the advanced hiker and researcher a more challenging trek into the woods will be available.

Prior to heading out for the hikes, guides will provide a brief lecture on reports of sightings in this area, an evidence gathering demonstration, and there will be a display of evidence samples such as track casts for examination.

Your Expedition Guides will be:
Michael Esordi, Believe It Tour
Marc DeWerth, Ohio Bigfoot Organization
Dr. Esteban Sarmiento, Conference Speaker

FREE Registration:
Registration is free for the Friday presentation and hikes. However, we do ask that you register, so we can keep you updated and provide you with the details that will not be posted publicly.

Register online at:

The Friday presentation and hikes will be suitable for all ages and are family friendly

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