Monday, March 28, 2011

Eyegotcha Creator William Dranginis

David Pierce of has got his eye on Bigfoot researcher William Dranginis.
William had his first Bigfoot sighting while out searching for Civil War relics.  As a Federal agent, he had his weapon on him, but did not feel compelled to fire upon the Bigfoot.

Since then he created his own organization, the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization in hopes of finding others who had seen Bigfoot in the Virginia forests. 

 For several years now, Bill has been busy perfecting his Eyegotcha stealth camera system which will allow hunters and Bigfoot enthusiasts to observe the wilderness from inside a tree branch or rock.

I will have more information for you when the Eyegotcha System is available for public purchase.

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  1. Tell Bill to check with his buddies up at DEA and ATF. They will tell him what these so-called BIG FOOTS really are... They ain't apes or any new species... Just some good-ol-boys protecting their private turf in a very unique way...