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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bigfoot Ballyhoo

Linda Newton Perry had originally come to me about a year and a half ago to promote her children's books.  I was more than willing to spread the word about her books as they were harmless and entertaining and a positive spin on Bigfoot research.

I'm not sure where she went astray from her original quest. 

Linda, I have always been kind to you and am extending an invitation to you to tell your side of the story.

If you would like to come on my radio show this Sunday, let me know and I will get the word out.  If you would like to tell me your story here, then I am ok with that as well. 

I hope to hear from you soon.


  1. It's just this: she decided to write her latest novel in "real time," on and as a blog; but it was really just a sorry sociological experiment or joke. She thought she was clever, but now NO ONE will ever want to buy her books. She loved the attention, felt important, and it went to her head. She wasted the time of so many Bigfooters it's not even funny. Including mine: as I looked into her original claims about BF vandalizing a campground and getting Squaw Lake closed. The Forest Service confirmed that no such thing had ever happened. Paulides got involved claiming a government cover-up; but then he exposed her driver's license revocation lie. She wasted Autumn's time, as she ended up having to look into fake "sightings" in southern Oregon, her area. I feel for her sincere readers who believed this doodoo. Ballyhoo indeed, and bald-faced lies, pure jerk behavior, LNP!

  2. What would you like to know? Ask and I'll answer the question. To give you an idea of what is going on in brief here goes. Several photos submitted by the ESP Team have turned out to have been tampered with. A recent photo of a bigfoot print was emailed to me with a long and very believable story of how the sender got it, how it was found etc. The ESP Team explained how the photos came to be tampered with and the footprint photo was sent to me by someone trying to keep trouble at Ballyhoo's doorstep. Kull's has his own take of the situation, saying I made the whole blog up, indeed, making up the men of the ESP Team, sightings etc. All untrue! I understand Kulls wishes to expose hoaxes, but in my case he just isn't believing the explanations on the blog. I've stopped publishing until I hear from the ESP Team and I've apologized to Tim Fosano for publishing his bigfoot print. I wish to speak to the ESP Team for my own knowledge. I would like to see, also, the clear photo of Big Clyde. I believe the team exists. Thanks for your interest. I'm just not up to speaking live at this time. Perhaps after the team brings forth its evidence, or if the team is a hoax, proven beyond a doubt, I'll be happy to come on your show and tell all I know.

  3. Hope you are both safe from the storm.

  4. Thank you Linda. Do you feel as though you have been hoaxed by the ESP Team? Did you know them personally?
    Kulls has exposed that the photos of the "team" members were actually photographs obtained from the internet. If they were perpetrating a hoax, it seems that they never ventured far from their computers. Did you ever feel the need to investigate for yourself or were you wimply relaying information that was passed on to you?
    How deeply involved are you with the ESP Team?

  5. lol, simply, not wimply

  6. I'm actually kind of relieved to see some controversy on the west coast because I was beginning to think we had the monopoly on disharmony in the east!
    HOWEVER, we are repeating the pattern of attacking each other in the name of Bigfoot.
    Thro...ughout history, trying to maintain peace is not a feat that is accomplished by few. We need strength in numbers to make a quiet, peaceful statement by ostracizing the trouble makers without pointing fingers and calling names. The intelligent folks see a hoax and recognize it for what it is.
    Bullies always end up looking just as bad as the culprits.
    We should simply turn our backs on the hoaxers, the crazies, the troublemakers. They thrive on attention and the less attention they receive, the weaker they become until they self destruct into the ashes.

  7. If you followed her blog over the last year you would see very clearly that LNP was totally complicit in the hoax presentation, including most likely adding "comments" of her own as if they came from others. She is THE AUTHOR of the site, all of it, in my opinion. The ESP team is FAKE. See Kulls' pages on this: and
    Autumn Williams as well has fully exposed her fictional Bigfoot blogging.

    She is a fiction writer. That is what she does best, and should stick to that, I'd say.

  8. Well I don't like pointing fingers, but in this situation I will share some information with your readers that I had not planned on.

    In late December I received an Email claiming to be Bill Emery, threating me to remove the Emery pictures from the website or I will be sued. This was shortly after Linda posted on Ballyhoo to me that "have no right to use those pictures on my website."

    The IP address resolves to Kennewick, Wa. Guess who has a close relative in Kennewick?

    She often mentions a place in Idaho, where Bill Emery was alleged to come from. Guess who's father-law lives in Idaho?

    Let's look at the other semantics used on the Ballyhoo site, Hank Parchell, ESP Team member, Hank Parshall, character on Bigfoot, "The Legend of Sasquatch," which coincidentally is the same movie one of those pictures came from.

    Vince Chasteen (Whose picture is being used for Bill Emery) and Gene Tilley (whose picture is being used for as Hank Parchell) both work together in the Fort worth Stockyards, and they both ride a steer known as, "Big Jake." Aking to the alleged ESP Team's Bigfoot named, "Big Clyde."

    Linda also has made a statement that Hank had called her editor (former editor?) Jean Ivey at the Coquille Valley Sentinel. That turned out to be fiction.

    Rand Corp Group was contacted and there was no "Debbie" in their legal department as claimed on Ballyhoo.

    Oregon DMV was contacted about suspending driver's licenses of people of reporting Bigfoot. You guessed right if they knew nothing about it.

    Social Security Death index states the last Dale Saxton to pass away was in 2003. Strange though, a Dale Saxton in Idaho, close to where LNP's father-in-law resides passed away in 2001 and was the same age as the Ballyhoo Saxton.

    So with all these coincidences and facts uncovered, (including to a researcher personally identifying himself as the person in the Ballyhoo Parchell picture and identifying Chasteen using the Ballyhoo Emery photo, how can one deny that something is foul.

    It is my belief that the writer of the blog was in no was "duped."

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a is a duck.