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Saturday, February 05, 2011

23rd Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

The rumblings have already begun and people are itching for more information!
The 23rd Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference will be held this year on May 13th thru the 15th at the Salt Fork State Park Lodge in Lore City, Ohio.
Start pricing your plane tickets folks!  This is the premiere Bigfoot Conference as it is a place to meet with hundreds of fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts!

I'm not sure who Don's guests will be this year, but hopefully they will be informative and entertaining!
Last year we were surprised by Esteban Sarmiento making a cameo appearance.  As well as having some west coast dignitaries dishing up their style of laid back easy going Squatching!

Salt Fork is the BEST place to hold a conference because of it's location, right in the heart of Squatchtivity!  You can meet with your friends all day, then head out at night for some Squatching!

More details to come!

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  1. I'm very excited to attend the conference for the first time... Any breaking news on who the speakers will be? See you there.