Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual

On January 1, 2010 I had read the Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual by Robert W. Morgan.

The book was very short, but filled with thoughtful insight and planning on how to create the perfect atmosphere for a researcher to experience a possible visit by the "Giant Forest People".

Recently, Robert has created an audio CD version of the manual.

The very first track entitled The Perfect Encounter sets the mood perfectly. Although I was sitting in my office while listening to the CD, Robert's descriptive narrating soon had my mind and thoughts whisked away to a perfect, warm autumn day in the woods.

As Robert continued on through the chapters, I was reminded of how very important it is that we aren't all running into the forest willy-nilly hoping to snap a photo of the Sasquatch, and how we should prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the ambitiously onerous challenge.

His chapter on how to grid and document activity in certain areas is pertinent to beginning any investigation.

The CD version also allows Robert to interject his intensity and passion as well as some personal comments and observations.

I would highly recommend both the book and audio CD to be carried by all researchers, rookie and veteran. The CD can be listened to while driving to your next expedition or to your research area.

On a side note, Halloween is approaching and as I stated before, the introduction on the CD sets the scene for a thrilling, woodsy experience and would definitely keep a den of Boy Scouts on the edge of their seats!
Perfect for a campfire setting!

The CD is not available through at this time.  However you can order your copy of either the book or the CD for $16.00 by visiting:

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