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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Camp Activity

This report has come in to me via Tara Lee Hauki of Happy Camp, California:

Early afternoon on February 2, 2010 my boyfriend Alan and a friend of his took a short drive up Indian Creek near the town of Happy Camp, Ca. The day was warm and sunny. An atypical day for this time of the season here although there is a nice patch of springtime weather in this area from year to year. Just enough to confuse the daffodils and hyacinths into making an early appearance.

They drove on up Indian Creek to an area at the base of Grey Back mountain known to the locals as "Grey Back". Just before the entrance to the West Branch campground they turned the opposite way and pulled into an area known as the Siskon Jade Mine. As they drove up to a place to pull over, Alan noticed a path of large footprints going from South East to North West off to the side of their rig. They had an idea they knew what they were so they stopped and got out to have a look.

Alan's friend looked around at some of the tracks and told me he could see toe prints and what are called dermal ridges in the almost melted snow of a few of them. They thought they were just big boot prints until he saw those. They got nervous at the thought that a Bigfoot could be near so the friend took a couple of quick shots with his cell phone camera and then they got in the rig and left.

I want to add that this is an area where previously a local man got a cast of a print that is well known to the locals here. There have been other sightings in this area in the past. Some people actually think the campground is haunted because of the strange feeling of being watched when they go there. It is not a favorite camp spot for many locals because of it. And as typical with a lot of sightings the two guys don't want to talk about what they saw. My boyfriend being one of them!


  1. Looks like the real thing. Big prints, long stride and prints in-line with each other. Wish I could of found something like that today. I went out to change the memory card in a game cam. The snow was damp from melting but it was still a foot deep. Was rough trudging through. All I saw was deer prints and little critter prints. Nothing exciting in the game cam pics. Oh well,what you can do?

  2. How BIG were they? How long was the step/stride? I'm a little skeptical of dermal ridges being preserved in snow--has anyone else found this kind of thing?

    Willow Creek just a had a sighting, too, I might add, around Feb. 23rd, off Hwy. 299, down in the woods toward the river, just across from "Bigfoot Contractor's Supply." Will investigate soon--witness is out of town currently.

    Check for an update sometime soon on: