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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb. 18th Bigfoot Sighting Investigation

Last night Don (Keating) text messaged me to call him ASAP. I dropped what I was doing and called him because I just knew that finally, something good was going on.

It's been a long, cold winter and most creatures and researchers have been dormant. I've been trying to keep busy, but nothing compares to getting out into the field.

Don then let me in on a brand new sighting report that he received from his friend Randy.

Early morning, Feb. 18th a young man who was working with heavy machinery in a remote location observed something massive and bi-pedal on the adjacent hillside.

He observed the creature descending the snowy hillside at a very rapid pace; but not running. It was moving very quickly.

The witness describes the creature as extremely wide and a very dark brown to black color.

The creature continued it's course in a straight line down the hill, then abruptly turned left and continued at a fast pace. It was then that the witness was able to see the arms of the creature swinging as it walked.

The witness has been working in his field for over 6 years and is an experienced hunter. He had never seen anything like this before and when he told his supervisor of the incident, he was visibly shaken.

He told a couple of his co-workers what he saw and of course they began to poke fun at him.. He decided that he wasn't going to mention it ever again.

The supervisor had known Randy from previous employment and knew of Randy's interest in bigfoots. He contacted Randy and coerced his employee to talk to Randy, lettinghim know that there is someone he can talk to who won't ridicule him.

The following day Randy went to the location and observed the trail of prints coming down the hillside, just as the young man had described. He then called Don, Don called me, and we all agreed to meet today to look into the situation further.

Looking through the binoculars, the prints didn't appear bi-pedal. This wasn't going to be easy. The snow was up to my knees and the prints were at least 100 yards away.

I decided to go to the prints. I had to. I didn't drive two and a half hours to not see something close up!

The first thing I noticed was that the prints were in a set of 4. Not bi-pedal...but the odd thing was that the stride length between each set of prints was between 9 and 14 feet apart. Yes, I said feet. I was confused.

There were plenty of deer prints around, and they were very definitive. But these odd prints, with the huge strides were baffling me.

I went back with my photos and showed them to Don and Randy. I said, i can't explain these to you, so Don and I headed back up the hill with a tape measure.

I tossed around many thoughts in my head, and if they were just prints with no witness, I would say it was one huge beast. I mean, come on!!! We are talking 14 feet between prints!

Was the creature leaping? Was it on all fours? Was it dragging it's knuckles?

What did this young man observe? He said to himself as this creature appeared before him that he had never entertained the thought of bigfoot before, but that morning, he knew darn well what he saw. A bigfoot.


  1. Looks interesting. Any of the prints show toe impressions? About how long and wide were the prints? Anyone follow the prints from where they came from or to where they went to?

  2. The prints had been weathered due to the warming temperature.
    There were no toe prints.
    If I had just come across the tracks, I would have assumed they were a bounding mountain lion or bear. I amnot a hunter so I cannot tell you if lions or bears can leap 12-14 feet.but the one aspect that muddles everything, is the eyewitness account.
    Just another unsolved mystery.

  3. update 2/22/10
    Keating claims that all of the prints have been destroyed.
    Someone has walked all over them.

  4. This just in from Randy, he could not log in to post this comment himself:
    I am the person who was notified of the original sighting of the creature. Unfortunately I was also the person who discovered that the tracks were destroyed.. They were destroyed by humans you could see the boot prints. I went back out on Sunday to look for other prints from a different sighting in the same area that had taken place on Fri morning. The 2 individuals didn't know one another. My brother overheard a conversation about an alleged sighting and found out it was in the same area.