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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oregon Bigfoot Symposium June 19-20 2010

What a busy morning for me!

Also coming up soon is the Oregon Bigfoot Symposium being held in Eugene Oregon.

Speakers include Autumn Williams, Cliff Barackman, Thom Powell, Dr. Jeff looks like this event is going to be the premiere event of the season!

I am pasting the info here from their website, I plan on being there to cover this event as well!

The Symposium is scheduled for June 19th and 20th, 2010. It will be held at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR. Since I don’t fly (my arms get tired – ha!) I’m thrilled that so many of the wonderful people that I’ve come to know and love around the country will be here that weekend, both as speakers and attendees.

The list of speakers currently includes:

Autumn Williams

Cliff Barackman

David Rodriguez

Thom Powell

Kathy Strain

Sali Sheppard-Wolford

Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson

Jaime Avalos

More information and speaker biographies are available here.

Here’s a little more information, straight from the horse’s mouth:

1st Annual OSS Eugene,Oregon JUNE 2010

Join us in the beautiful and cozy Willamette Valley next year as we kick off the first annual “OSS” Oregon Sasquatch Symposium in Eugene, Oregon. This event will be held at Lane Community College in the Forum Hall. Seating is limited, and tickets are on sale now!

The event was originally formed to unite Oregon researchers within the same venue to share information about what they have going on, basically in their own backyard. The Sasquatch phenomena is, of course, not only an Oregon experience, but given the history of this beautifully forested state, our Sasquatch is as much a part of our culture as the Douglas Fir trees that surround it.

The 19th of June will be a day when long-term witnesses and enthusiasts share their personal Sasquatch encounters at the OSS.

The 20th of June will be the day expert testimony takes front and center stage . Although not every attendee will be from our own Oregon backyard, we are still delighted to invite them into the shadows of our majestic forests. So far, all is looking fantastic as to the forecast for the 20th lineup. Maybe it is our little known saying that has got everyone so on board. “Oregon, will treat ya so many ways, your bound to love one of em”!

The Oregon Sasquatch Symposium provides a yearly forum for those within the field of Sasquatch or Bigfoot research to come together and discuss the historical mystery. This is done in hopes of educating others as to the facts that exist surrounding Sasquatch’s and at the same time dispelling some of the myths. The significance and implications of its existence weigh largely on those that have encountered them, but it should not remain there. For if such a creature has managed to survive our encroachment for 100’s of years if not more, we should all be mindful of their historical relationship with humankind.

You can get your tickets today via the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium website.

Are you planning to attend? If so, email me and let me know!

[Note: While I'm scheduled to speak at the Symposium and am assisting Toby in any way I can with arranging speakers, etc., this is his baby, so if you have any questions regarding tickets, etc., please contact Toby directly by clicking HERE.

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