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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm bored...

These frigid months have driven most of us inside, waiting for a bit warmer temperatures until we can pursue our passion for Squatching.

I've tried to keep things light here, promoting others, sharing information form the web, etc. But now I am bored.

Yeah, yeah, I know I will get to meet up with many friends on January 29th at the Bigfoot Film Festival in Millersburg, PA. But it's just a film festival!

I yearn to get back out into the woods, looking for prints, following up on witness reports...long nights in the woods listening for tree breaks, wood knocks and creatures speaking gibberish!

If anyone has a story they would like to share, please feel free to send it on in! I need something to tide me over till Spring! :)

Until then, I will finish Dave Coleman's book, Ancient Lake.

The bigfoot in Dave's book is not a rampaging killer as much as he is a black ops soldier!

Unlike Clint Romag's books, Dave Coleman's sasquatch kill one person at a time, when they are in remote this all may change as I get on with the book, but for now, I am intrigued...

Have a great day fellow Squatchers!

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