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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Here are some pictures and thoughts by one of our fellow researchers, Bob Durdella. 

As I have often claimed, Bob is one of the most diligent "explorers" I know.  He enjoys his time in the woods and isn't out to make a history making discovery. 

Somewhere in Northeast Ohio.....

"I went to that tepee I found 2 years ago at (omitted). I take a look at it about every 2 weeks. Saw something new right away. There is a big X marker put up directly over the tepee. I thought it was pretty cool. Usually see X markers standing alone.

I like going to the tepee. Since I found it there's been quit a few changes made to it. One of these days I'll put together a photo file along with picture comments of how it was when I found it to the present.

Notice in the pics how nice and symmetrical the X marker is. That's the way most of the markers are I've found. I should put together a photo file showing the different symmetrical markers from the area. I think there's about 5 or 6 different markers I could show.
I also included a couple pics of some trees in an upside down V formation I recently found over a trail on a ridge that runs along the river. Notice how the one tree just happened to fall across the trail and landed in a fork topped tree that was also leaning across the trail at the right angle to catch it. These two trees are rooted where they are at. One is bent over at it's base and the other is broke at the base. This a another very symmetrical looking setup also. Very strange??? All the trees around and no others but these two end up together across the trail. Love this stuff." Bob D.

I love the splash of color in the background!

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