Monday, July 26, 2010

Things That make You Go Hmmmmmm

By all accounts, I am a newbie to this field.  I'll admit it!  I have been reading up on for about 7 years and researching for 3 years, reporting for 2.

I have heard all kinds of theories and beliefs and assumptions and "scientific" explanations.  Kathy Strain has written a book about the ancient ones, the Native American Indians who tell their tales and pass their history down from generation to generation.  Their history includes lore of the "spirits of the forest".  Kathy is a scientist.  An Anthropologist and an Archaeologist.  I love hearing the stories she retells that have been told to her, and who am I to argue or dis-believe what the Native Americans have believed for thousands of years???  I am only in my 40's, they've got baskets older than me.

There are Bigfoot enthusiasts out there who also dabble in Ufology and the paranormal.  Are they so gullible that they will believe anything?  Do they try to imagine that all 3 mysteries can be combined in some way?  There are drawings and cave etchings also depicting the evidence of aliens, UFOs etc. in the Native American Indian's culture.  Who are we to argue with them?

You are probably wondering why I am babbling on here...well, I just received another email from a reader.  It baffles me, yet it also reminded me of something that happened to me over 2 years ago.  I only told Bob about it, and I attributed it to my eyes playing tricks on me, but now I am wondering if there was something to it!

Here is the email with the person's name omitted:

Hi Sharon, great to hear from you. I've had at least three experiences where I've encountered Bigfoot in a non-physical sense. In truth, there really is no other way to explain it, and I am still mystified & puzzled beyond my comprehension of what, exactly, did occur.

The first experience was at Salt Fork State Park in May, 2008, when I saw, with my own eyes, something cross the trail in front of me, less than 20 yards away. What I saw was very big, and very large, and walked upright. What I did not see, however, was any physical shape, but the merest, transparent glimmer of an outline. For several years I was extremely uneasy about even telling people what I had seen; I had no words to describe it. Then, I heard a radio programme where a former Marine described the exact same thing, and compared it to the film "Predator" where the alien creature is first seen only as a shimmering outline of sorts. That is exactly what I saw. To this day it terrifies me.

Not until this happened did I realise that bigfoot might actually be able to leave this dimension at will, or that bigfoot was, truly, a spiritual being. The indigenous peoples were right all along, as usual; I daresay I was so caught up in the physical evidence that I really downplayed the spiritual.

Sometime later (possibly even that summer), I was out at a bar with friends. I left the bar, and, walking to my truck, noticed what appeared to be a very large, dark figure standing next to my vehicle, on the passenger side. I did not really pay very much attention; the night was foggy, and I was very tired (I had not been drinking, as I had a long drive home). As I approached my truck, I became more & more uneasy, and felt extremely uncomfortable. I quickly unlocked the door, hopped in and drove away.

I was not alone, however.

The bigfoot-spirit was in the car with me, sitting in the passenger seat. He was enormous, filling up the space with his presence. I was terrified out of my wits, and kept asking him what he wanted. His only answer was "You know why I'm here."

He remained with me the entire ride home. Not until I entered the town where I live did he drift away, suddenly & quietly.

It is my firm belief that the bigfoot-spirit escorted me home through a very dark, very foggy night, over very dark roads, to ensure that I reached home safely. It is, actually, because of this that I began to explore shamanic meditation as a means of contacting bigfoot as one of my guardian spirits.

The third incident, and possibly the most terrifying, was at Grand Mere Dunes State Park in southwest Michigan, in November 2008. While hiking with my good friend John W Castle, I became aware of...a the woods behind us, about 150 yards away. It was moving closer to us. I asked John if he heard/smelled anything, and he did not.

As we climbed to the top of a dune, I looked back down the path behind me. The presence was now at the base of the dune, and clearly following us. To create a diversion, John walked down the other side of the dune with his dogs, and I remained at the crest. Within only a few seconds, I suddenly realised it was standing right behind me.

I turned around.

It was...enormous, towering well over my head (I am 6'2"). It was very big, and very shaggy, and very...curious. I really think it wanted to know more about me than I did about him...! It stood there for some time, just looking at me. I did not know how to address it, or to even explain it to John. How do you tell someone that you see something that no one else can?

I am reminded of my old third-floor walkup in Chicago, when I lived there. Often, I would feel the presence of bigfoot, on my back porch! He would simply be standing at the back door, looking in over the transom. Other times, he would be standing in the alleyway, looking up at my apartment.

Was he trying to communicate with me?

I have always been able to "feel" a presence when I am out in the woods. Always. I know when they are nearby.

Recently, a collection of grasses, leaves & twigs was placed in my deckchair, on the back porch, within a two-hour time span. This is not the first time this has happened.

Sharon, I greatly appreciate your willingness to let me share my experiences. For so long I've wondered if I were the only one who had these encounters. Thank you, again.

As I read this, I could not help but this guy pulling my leg?  Is he mocking me or others?  Who am I to judge?  As my readers know, I do not put people down or laugh at their beliefs.

Who am I to say what is out there?  I am no expert!  Are there people in this world who can communicate with another dimension?  50% of you will say no, 50% of you will say yes.  Who is right?  Who has irrefutable proof one way or the other?  Can it be both ways?

Could Bigfoot be flesh and blood AND a spirit?  Perhaps not at the same time, but perhaps when their physical presence ends, their spiritual presence begins?  I have no idea.

I don't want ANYONE quoting me as saying that I believe one way or the other.  I am simply putting this out there so you, the reader, the independent thinker, the one who doesn't KNOW all the answers can hear other sides to this mystery.

Now, I will tell you what happened to me 2 years ago.

It was a summer day and my husband and I had gone running at Hogback Ridge.  This is the area where Bob and I have been doing our backyard research.  We know that our "Bigfoot" activity dies down in the warmer months when the area is swamped with people. 

My husband runs faster than I do, he used to run cross-country in college.  My husband is big.  6'3" and about 300 lbs.  He has an athletic build with a bit of a gut, but, he is not out of shape by any means.

Anyway, we had done one loop on the trail and I had to use the facilities.  We had seperated a ways back because I can't really keep up with him.  The trail continues past the outhouse which is located at the front of the parking lot then back down into the woods.  I was leaving the facilities when I noticed "my husband" going past our car and ducking down.  About 75 feet away.  I laughed and yelled out, "I can see you! "  I figured he was going to jump out and try to scare I ran towards the car, there was no one there.  I walked around the car, looked behind the trees and even looked at the leaf litter on the ground.  I was astounded.  I then assumed that I had been seeing things.  At that point my husband came running out of the woods about 100 yards behind me.  Then I realized I was just seeing things and he joined me for the last part of the run.

I told Bob about it and he just said hmmm.  Now these stories about vanishing Bigfoots are coming to light and I am thinking, "wow, did that happen to me too?"

I am not saying one way or another that I believe in the spirits or other dimensions, but I'll be damned if I close my mind to those possibilities.

If someone told me that their dead grandma was standing in their kitchen, who am I to call them a liar?  Their grandma was once alive with a physical presence...that is documented and proven.  But how do we prove that this person is now experiencing her grandmother's spirit? 

There is just too much that we don't know.  How can we?


  1. A comment from my blog you may find interesting. Linda Newton-Perry
    Myles /Sally Chidress has left a new comment on your post "Share a Sighting, Talk Bigfoot":

    I write this down with much anger directed at United States Forest Service. Our camping trip started on July 17 and ended yesterday. We had bought a season pass for all the campgrounds in the Siskiyou range of Oregon. On Friday we camped at the Lake called Sru. We had talked with rangers and were never told of any strange happening there. Saturday night at midnight we were all awakened by a horrific scream from near the lake.The other two campers there also came out with flashlights to find out what it was. The scream was so loud it actually echoed through the mountainside. All of us sat up the rest of the night and herd two more screams some distance away. Not one of us ever seen the screamer but seen to know it wasn't a man or woman.We left the camp at daylight and drove to Powers. There in Powers the local camp host for Powers Pond told us of this monster at the lake. It made me very angry that the ranger said not one word about a safety issue at that lake. 5 adults and 7 children were camped at the lake at the time of the sounds. We were told of this sight in which tracks the goings on up there. A person camped at the Powers Pond told us of bigfoot bally and of course we googled it and found bigfoot ballyhoo. Now we have read all of the information from your site and feel the ranger put in grave danger by not informing us of this ongoing situation. We feel a formal complaint forest service is in order. In one of the other camps the clothes line had been destroyed in the night but we failed to find anything other than it out of place. We have now returned to Red Bluff, Ca. but will still file a complaint with that ranger district.

  2. Hi Sharon...I am glad that you are presenting an open-mindedness to this theory. I probably would have dismissed it entirely just a few years ago...but there are just too many Bigfoot scenarios that make you go 'uh'.

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I don't close the book on these kinds of reports either because I've experienced some really unusual things in my life. There IS MORE around us then our physical world. Unfortunately its something we can't put our finger on.

    Just a few weeks ago I was chatting with someone in a chat room who described a very similar instance as the one you've posted. In that one she described being chased. These stories come to light on occasion, and I have heard that these elements are often redacted from formal sighting reports. It would be nice if someone would get a statement to that fact on record by one of the organizations, then we'd be a little closer to the truth maybe.

    I have even had a presence right near me on two occasions. Once it blew right in my face this very sweet but pleasant skunk smell. I mean very pleasant and it had an extremely calming effect where I felt at peace and completely safe with whatever was there. I can't explain it but I am certain I was not alone. Yeah I sensed the presence too. So I remain open minded to these claims that come along. It's like the Mike story, I didn't dismiss it out of hand regardless of all the claims by those who were inexperienced in phenomenon they don't understand. I don't agree at all with Lan L. politics at all, but that doesn't mean the events didn't take place. Like you even said, we probably haven't heard the last of it. I wish I could have gone there to see if I sensed something there.

    ANd yeah, there is absolutely something to being able to sense their presence. The feeling of being watched is also our sixth sense at work no matter how some people try to discount that. Almost every hunter has experienced this and yet so many discount everything woohoo. The reality is, we just haven't evolved enough as a species to understand it. That's what people need to recognize when they hear of unusual encounters and to not so quickly throw them out because they fall outside their limited understanding.

    As for the SRU Lake thing. Bigfoot scream all the time at night. This does not mean there is danger present. But having a complaint filed with the USFS would be interesting. Of course a scream will just be written off as a cougar even though there is a BIG difference in volume between a cougar and a sasquatch.

    David R.