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Monday, February 08, 2010

William M. Dranginis

For those of you who do not know William, let me give you some information.

William is the founder of The Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization.

William's interest in the bigfoot creature came to him rather unexpectedly. On a mild March afternoon, William and a friend had been metal detecting some old gold mines in Culpeper County Virginia when his friend noticed what he thought to be a man behind a tree.

Within minutes they knew they were not looking at a man and the seconds of the encounter has given William years of curiosity to find out more about these creatures!

William is a surveillance and security expert and he has spent thousands of dollars on vehicles and equipment to better enhance his chances of another encounter, or a habituation situation. He bought a 24-foot mobile veterinary unit and converted it into the Bigfoot Primate Research Lab.

Knowing Bill's, er William's background in designing surveillance equipment and his work with the government, I would trust his analysis of any video, be it thermal or digital or photographic. Knowing William as a person, I find him to be calm, cool, collected and intelligent with no "ulterior motives".

Visit the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization to find out more about Bigfoot in Virginia.

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