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Monday, February 08, 2010

Follow-up on Squeaky video from William M. Dranginis

The video is only good if the subject in the video can be verified as a flesh and blood Bigfoot/Sasquatch creature, otherwise it’s just another unknown video. The scientific community would laugh if they examined this “thermal footage of a Bigfoot creature” as it’s being claimed by Mr. Greene and the BFRO. I’ve attempted to purchase a copy of the video directly from Mr. Greene [on Friday, February 5, 2010] so I could forensically enhance it to possibly determine what was filmed. He declined and said the film was no longer for sale. Hmmm? I guess that answered my question!

If you’re going to promote something as evidence of a flesh and blood Bigfoot/Sasquatch creature, be prepared to have the evidence examined by your peers and the scientific community.

I’ve been more than willing over the years to apply my knowledge and provide equipment to help examine evidence just like this video.

Thermal imaging technology will play a significant role in the discovery of these creatures, but the thermal camera can be a double-edged sword in the wrong hands. When a thermal camera is used correctly, it’’s a magnificent tool for Bigfoot research, but one must be knowledgeable in its operation. This is why FLIR holds week long classes on the camera's operation.

If a thermal camera ends up in the hands of an inexperienced operator, it can turn into Merlin’’s Magic Wand where everything you see is a Bigfoot creature. I’ve been using/building thermal cameras since 1998 and I’m still learning something new everyday.

William M. Dranginis

Manassas, VA.

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization.

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