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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bigfoot Fancy 4 Kids

I am writing to tell you about a blog site about bigfoot just for kids!

Bigfoot Fancy 4 Kids

Our lady friend Linda Newton-Perry has been writing children's books for a few years now, and her interest in bigfoot has been the subject of many of her tomes.

It is Linda's desire to inspire a whole new generation of bigfoot believers!

The artwork on some of her children's books is beautiful!

Be sure to order copies of her books for your children or grandchildren! (Bob)


  1. Thank you so much. The above piece was much more than I expected, and so appreciated. Linda

  2. If that Bob is me I've been looking at BF books and other stuff for the grandsons. They are really into Squatch'n. I've checked out Linda's web site a while back. I will send the link to her BF blog to the boys mom. I tried to get them some BF stuff for Christmas but it was too late. They both have birthdays coming up so I'll get them some BF stuff for that.