Thursday, January 14, 2010

Activity reported by Todd Partain

Recently I spoke to my younger brother and he related unusual circumstances at a secluded gas well near my home where he has worked.

Rocks and small pieces of debris have been thrown at a trailer on the site on multiple occasions.

There have been loud wood knocks from nearby forested areas.

My brother related he was awakened late at night by what sounded like two people speaking in "Gibberish", a fast paced language that can't be understood.

A co-worker stated that during his duty at the gas well, there was rock throwing and later something "slapped" the trailer hard. The co-worker, who did not believe in "BigFoot", later looked up from his laptop one night at the trailer to glimpse something at the window staring in.

These occurrences are classic behavior patterns of the target species.

I am attempting to verify these statements, i will try to get recorded interviews and attempt to secure permission to spend a night at the sight, which is only a few miles south of my home (some location details omitted) in North West Louisiana.

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