Thursday, October 08, 2009

PA Investigations-Dwayne Pintoff

October 2009

Here are a couple more photos of the foot print that I found. I'm also including some tree stackings and a primitive canopy that Dave and I came across on our last outing.

If you remember, this is not far from where the man and his wife saw a creature on the side of the interstate from a recent report! The other photos show 3 twisted/bent pine trees we found in the grassy meadow at the end of the trail adjacent to the gas pipeline. All three trees were bent/twisted in the same direction. All we could say about the things seen in the photos, was that it was unusual! This meadow was located at the end of the trail where Dave and I set up to do our last night outing...the same place where we had the 15 to 20 pound object thrown behind us!

I plan on returning to the woods again this coming weekend! If I happen to find new evidence, I'll be glad to share it with you if you'd like!
My only interest is to find the evidence to prove once and for all that these creatures do exist!
Any information/support that I can obtain to assist me with my research efforts is greatly appreciated!

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