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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eerie Horror Film Festival Update

I arrived at the Warner Theatre around 5 pm. The theater is amazing with the high gilded ceilings, brass handrails, beautiful red tapestry carpeting...

I met Eric and Bruce and we went upstairs to the celebrity wing. At the first table was a very large man named Ken Foree who was in the movies: Devil's Rejects and Dawn of the Dead.

We then moseyed on down and had a lively conversation with Ken Sagoes, who was in Nightmare on Elm Street III and IV. He was very interested in the mystery of Bigfoot and asked us a lot of questions.

Further down we met Reggie Bannister from Phantasm and I made a new friend, Paul who photographs abandoned houses and buildings...he is going to teach me how to use my camera!

I then had my palm read by Katherine and she was phenomenal! I just laughed while she read my palm because she was right on top of everything!

The Bigfoot Field Reporter radio show started and went off pretty well except for 7 minutes of dead air, goblins in the building I guess!

Several of the vendors and presenters and members of the board of directors of the horror fest stopped by to be interviewed and it was a really great time.

The festival is still going on today and tomorrow and I highly recommend going for Don and Eric's presentations!

Monster Mark has designed the Halloween hockey masks out of fiberglass "and other shit"..These masks are beautifully detailed and movie quality!
The masks are $70 each and you can contact Mark at: or 814-440-5775


  1. Sharon Lee,this is Connie(Gail)Gilbert...!!! We all had a lot of fun with you and all "the gang" last night...!!! I am totally looking forward to the next time...!!! Thanks so much...!!! Your friend,Connie(Gail)Gilbert

  2. Thank you Connie! There were a few sketchy moments, but thankfully it all worked out! Thank you for listening!

  3. Sharon,

    Is that Pastor Swope with you in the picture above?

    Nice blog, by the way. I like the new logo. I was thinking of having some sort of contest myself to come up with a logo for my blog. How many folks responded to your contest?

    Mike Mayes