Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

It is fashionable to Squatch after Labor Day!

My friends from the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society were out this past weekend and had some exciting activity!

With the Kentucky "Bigfoot" image and the activity in Pennsylvania, I'd say things are heating up here in the eastern United States!

Attached is a brief run down of what the guys encountered while squatching this past weekend:

Hi Sharon,
Well you missed the best night we've had in the woods at *****! Dave and I definitely had activity! We arrived around 2pm and did quite a bit of hiking to check out other locations for future night investigations! During our day investigating we came across one area that had an abundance of tree stackings and even what I must say looked like a possible shelter...the intertwined trees were definitely not natural, but to say a creature did it...well! We also hiked down the trail perpendicular to ****. At the end of the trail is an open meadow with a scattering of pine trees! Dave and I found the tops of 3 of the 6ft saplings bent/twisted...definitely looked out of place!

We decided to relocate down this trail for our night investigation. The conditions were perfect....full moon, no wind, and around 60 degs! Shortly after darkness set in, the activity started. Dave and I both heard a distinct double tree knock deep in the woods across from where we were sitting. Within a couple of minutes another distant single tree knock directly to our side, then the rock throwing started. Of course we took into account that the acorns are full size and now make a louder thump when they hit the ground, but these rocks were much louder and we could hear them coming through the tree tops like we heard when you were there. I'd say that roughly a dozen or more rocks were thrown from 4 directions during the 5 hours we were in the woods, with the last one sounding like it could have been as large as a 15 lb bowling ball! I'm not exaggerating! In fact it startled poor Dave so bad, who had his back to the sound, that he literally leaped out the chair and went into a commando stance....because he told me that he thought it was something heavy running toward us. Since I happened to already be standing and facing this direction, I didn't jump but I did feel a tingle go up my spine! The thud this rock made was extremely loud. It landed within 20ft behind us and both Dave and I thought it must have been thrown by something standing close to us, since we never heard any leaves or limbs being hit....but we never saw any movement or heard anything walking in the woods afterwards. About an hour before that large stone was thrown we did both hear what sounded like something breaking or stepping on a large tree limb from our right side, creating a loud snapping noise! I'd safely guess we heard a minimum of two dozen single or double tree knocks and also heard what sounded like two short, muffled, gutteral grunts or barks....sort of a gruuur noise! All I can say is that the activity kept Dave and me alert! Unfortunately we didn't see any shadows or movement, or hear any distinct vocalizations. So overall it was an exciting night!

I love hearing about the night activity! Also, pictures of the evidence found during the day would be nice to see too!

Great job guys and keep up the good work!

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