Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bigfoot Discovery Day III

Bigfoot Discovery Project in association with A.I.B.R presents:
Bigfoot Discovery Day III

October 17, 2009
Felton, CA

A day of discovery featuring an informal BBQ gathering at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum followed by research presentations at the Felton Community Hall

Kathy Strain: Archeologist and Forest Ranger; author of "Giants, Cannibals and Monsters" (maybe you've seen her on MonsterQuest)

David Paulides: Former Police investigator, Executive Director of N.A.B.S., author of "The Hoopa Project" and "Tribal Bigfoot"

Ron Morehead: He and Al Berry recorded bigfoot vocalizations over 35 years ago in the Sierras (known as the "Sierra Sounds")

Scott Nelson: Former Navy Cryptologist, professional linguist; currently working on a book about bigfoot language

Michael Rugg: Curator of Bigfoot Discovery Museum

and including bigfoot ballads by Tom Yamarone

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