Saturday, August 08, 2009

Western PA Update

Good evening! It is August 8, 2009, 7:38 p.m. EST.

I just wanted to give you all a brief update on the activities of last night.

I met Eric Altman at the rendezvous location around 9 p.m. We then proceeded to the research area where Dave and Dwayne had already set up their chairs and cameras for the evening.

Dwayne was wearing a hardhat due to the rock throwing the previous week!

After brief introductions, we got right into squatching mode! It was around 10:30 p.m. and I had taken out my audio recorder to document some casual conversations with the guys, and to keep notes of the evening's events.

Eric and Dave went to the area where the cars were parked to check out some movement and possible eyeshine, leaving Dwayne and myself up the hill to chat.

I had expressed a desire to have rocks thrown at me, and within 15 minutes, my wish was granted!

Eric and Dave were about 200 yards down the trail, their lights within eyesight, and Dave and I were casually talking when a rock flew over our heads, horizontally from behind us, and hitting the tensile wire fence which was about 12 feet in front of us.

AND folks, I have it on can hear the rock whipping through the branches and just missing our heads.

Of course yours truly utters her famous expletive! The audio will be posted Monday.

We spent the next 5 hours walking the trail, call blasting, whooping and throwing rocks back into the woods.

The activity was sporadic. We would have rock throwing for about 5 minutes, always accurate aim, mostly in my direction, then about a half hour of silence.

The activity seemed to accelerate after provocation on our part.

We did not have any visuals or audio to report. However, this area will be continually observed and perhaps a PBS expedition in the fall.

I went back to the area the following morning looking for any signs, but to no avail. I did snap a few pics of the area and will post those soon.

Please visit this blog for audio and picture updates.

This week I will be preparing for my trip to the Pacific Northwest and will be interviewing many west coast researchers!

This is Sharonlee, your Bigfoot Field Reporter signing out! Happy Squatching!

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