Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday August 10, 2009

Good Morning! I have had one busy morning! On my way to work I witnessed a car accident and was first on the scene to administer aid to the young girl.

But enough of that. Here, as promised is the 27 minute long audio of my arrival and some activity at the outing I attended this past Friday night.

The audio starts out with me talking to Dwayne. Eric and Dave then proceed to call blast, without warning me first!

It is fun to listen to, you can imagine being there in the pitch dark. 10:30 p.m. In the middle of nowhere. We were about 150 yards from where the cars were parked.

At 8:13 (time on the audio, not actual time of day) you will hear the rock whipping through the trees then hitting the fence. Then my famous words.

Western PA audio file

I will be attaching pictures of the area tomorrow.

Nothing else to report on this hot and humid morning.

Sharonlee signing out! Happy Squatching!

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