Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squatching U.S.A.

This is it! Dream big or stay home...ok, I changed the saying a bit, but I have had this dream to conduct bigfoot research across the United States and I am ready to make this dream a reality!

I have worked at Cleveland State University 12 years for the benefit of having my 3 love of my life daughters attend for free. I have lived my entire life for them and now that they are grown, I want to live my life for me!

On July 1st I am going to load up my Jeep with camping gear and clothes, my laptop and cell phone and I am going to begin a cross country journey to research Bigfoot, but mostly to document me meeting all of the Bigfoot enthusiasts I have met through Facebook.

I need about $5000.00 to begin the journey.

An outline of my proposed journey is located on my webpage here.


Approximately 6,900 miles total round trip.


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