Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bigfoot in Vermont?

I've been to Vermont 3 times in the past three years and I must say it is a very beautiful state. The forests and streams and scenery are gorgeous!
I know people have seen moose, dear and black bear in Vermont, but I don't hear a whole lot about bigfoot sightings.

The most recent bigfoot sighting on the BFRO website is from October 2005 and there aren't very many more there.

Is there a bigfoot organization that covers the Vermont area?

We are in the middle of a great snow storm today and I am heading down to Salt Fork to do some squatching. (It's too late to cancel my reservations!) I hope I am rewarded for my efforts!

Have a great weekend everybody and get back to me on the Vermont thing. :)


  1. I have wondered about the lack of reports in Vermont as well Sharon. It may be due to the infamous stoicism of so many of its residents.

    Stay warm Sharon!

  2. I appreciate the protectionism of New England, but not whaen it comes to Foots as I live in Maine and this region of the US must permeate with sightings as I'm contemplating in forming a club/blog.-vince

  3. Nadia, you nailed it. Vermonters are VERY tight lipped. I Squatch up there and most need a few glasses of wine to tell you their middle names! Google is ur best source of stories up there. A book called "Bigfoot in New York and New England" has many sightings from New England. A great read.

    1. He's here he'is real. I have cold chills just thinking about it. I am a Vermonter born and raised. But let me tell u this man like beast or Neanderthal which ever it may be called is real. I'm a grown man now but when I was 11 I had been out on a new mountain bike that I just got. And me being silly went for the biggest mountain in our back yard. In local vt Berlin area. Well let me tell u what happened next. I got out on this old side road that hasn't been used in years. As I'm peddleng onward. Come up to this old old old graveyard not a huge one but a small family plot out in the middle of no where. So I get off m bike dropped it in the trail. Walk over to the stones And brush one off to get an idea. Of how old they were. That's when. Hear a pop/snapping sound from the woods maybe 6 car links ahead of me... I slowly moved back towards my bike, while the whole time I could hear something walking towards my area. I took my eyes off the woods for 2 seconds to pick my bike up. And as soon as I looked up. Boom it was huge unlike anything I have seen ever in my whole life. It was looking right at me now not moving this huge hairy man thing. I remember it as clear as day like he was saying go ahead get a good look. He was about 9 10ft tall easy arm like small tree trunks and fingers of such as a man but longer thicker. A face you couldn't make out due to the hair ranging from 3-6 inches. And thick there was no sign of physical skin. Just lots and lots of hair. Such a golden brown haze. It was the longest 8 seconds of my life. I couldn't believe my eyes and just as he stared at me all I could think was I should really get out of there I felt like he was mentally telling me to go. Gives me the chills to this day. I know what I seen. I turned around peddled home with out stopping in a panic I yelled to my gram and told he what. Just had seen and she said I was mistaken by a deer . Or something playing in the woods. I'm now 27 since I seen him but I'm telling you gods honest truth he is out there watching people. They pride them selfs as being unknown. Or are the really unknown or is it a cover up from government. Idk I do know what I seen was real man like this is not some bull shit punk trying to play games. I believe in Bigfoot more than I believe in god. I know what I seen was real. I could show u where it was.... And u wanna hear something ever more weird about the mountain I seen him on. I found of last year that since 91 there has been a deer farm on the hill and it's all posted. But if. Listen at night u can hear the dear getting killed and dragged around by something. I know he's out there working with animals and hidden very well. I swear on my son this was a true story.

  4. Nadia, you nailed it. Most Vermonters are VERY stoic and I think you can apply that to most New Englanders. I squatch up there and most people run away when you even utter the word Sasquatch. If you want a great book on New England sightings, pick up "Bigfoot in New York and New England" by the Bartholomew brothers. Great read going all the way back to Champlain in 1603.

  5. Well I am 27 born and raised in Vermont. I grew up on a private rd in berlin vt. And I just wanna say Bigfoot is present in the woods there. I swear on my sons life he was as real as you and me. I seen him when I was 11 just out pass this old old old old grave yard. I was on my bike I stopped got off and walked to check the stones out when I got back on my bike I peddled maybe 25 feet and heard a poppin/cracking sound ahead of me about 7 car lengths in front of me. As I slowly moved forward that's when this man of solid hair brown in college head to toe. Walked out across the trail stopped dead smack in the trail ahead of me...looking straight at me. Like as if he didn't need to tell me but I knew he was telling me to turn around. He was easy 10+ feet tall 350 plus lbs solid like a rock yet with a 2-4 inch hair all over long thick massive human but it hand longer arms with hung hung fingers. We had like a 7 second stare down and I turned my bike around and took off peddling. When I looked over my shoulder he was gone. I went home to my gram told her I seen him or one of them and she laughed told me I was seeing stuff. It gives me chills thinking that no one believes me and I know he's still out there. They watch us while we don't even know they are really out here in the 802 this is a real event I will nev forget.