Saturday, March 03, 2012

There's a New Kid in Town

Ro Sahebi is a young filmaker/producer who is turning his interest from music videos to mysterious monsters.

Ro runs a blog titled "The Bigfoot Report" (no relation to yours truly) although he claims to enjoy my blog and has much respect for me.

Ro does conduct research on this subject and has contacted Dr. Jeff Meldrum for clarification and information. His next webseries will feature the Orang Pendek and he will be consulting with Adam Davies who is well informed in this area.

The webseries is meant to be fun and is directed toward younger viewers. There's an hour long documentary in the works for MAVTV and PunchTV. He is listed on IMDB for
the movie Contour and a television show called Road Sweet Road in 2011.

Have a look at his first webisode entitled, "Extinct?" The Yeti

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