Thursday, February 23, 2012

Letters From The Big Man

I can't wait till I get my copy!

This just in:
Mike Feltnerposted toThe Bigfoot Field Reporter
Mike Feltner.. From Ohio, Just got back From Columbus Ohio, And Me and My 16 year old, Saw the Screening of Letters From the Big Man!! And Christopher Munch Was there and did a Q And A After the Movie was Over.. It was Like a Bigfoot Confrence!! Ok The Movie Review, Well Lets See... It Was the Greatest Sasquatch Film To Date!!!! The Star was This Girl Name Sarah an artist and government hydrologist, sets out on a post-fire stream survey in a remote part of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness of southwestern Oregon... And She Is Being Watch By a Sasquatch!! I Know it dont Sound to Exciting. But it is!! Before She Sees Him.. He Does Whoops... Wood Knocks... And Etc.. Dont want to Give it All the Way, This by far is the Best Bigfoot/Sasquatch Movie out there.. Bar None.. Not even Boggy Creek Comes Close.. This Blows it out of the Sky!! By the Way.. I Send out for Newsletter knowing when it First Hits DVD!!! So i will let every one Know,When it comes out It it still playing one more nite,At,Wexner Center for the Arts
1871 North High Street, Columbus, OH Mike Feltner Researcher Cincinnati!!


  1. Any word yet on a release date Sharon?

  2. Release dates for
    Letters from the Big Man (2011)

    Country Date
    USA 29 April 2011(San Francisco International Film Festival)
    USA 23 September 2011 (Woodstock Film Festival)
    USA 11 November 2011

  3. I have been following this but never get much information on it showing at all. I've been wanting to see this since I first heard about it. Is there any release date for it on DVD?

  4. if it receives 7500 in pledges it will be released may only 20 days left! if you go to site and pledge $25 you will receive one of the first releases plus you name on website as additional credits for the film. go to link below before april, 1

  5. They're trying to release independently due to lack of commercial interest (i.e. - no violence, no sex) please visit the following site for more information and to read the excellent reviews from NY Times and The New Yorker --
    they and many others wrote it's a terrific movie. Go to

  6. Well what happened to this release? Why are they trying to keep us from seeing this movie? They can release all those horrible movies to Redbox and Netflix but this movie has a hand's off status. Makes one wonder.

  7. So they won't release this DVD it makes one wonder. They will release unbelievable trash to Netflix and Redbox but this movie is hands off. Makes one wonder.

    In labs all over the world they are messing with the human genome. Does this movie bring too much attention to creatures not human but humanlike? Are they concerned we might ask too many questions?

  8. Darling, email me at and I will personally send you a copy