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Big-By Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye has written a new ebook titled BIG, which is available on
'The story unfolds in the mountains of Washington State, where bigfoot sightings occur regularly.

It begins with a hunter encountering and then wounding a bigfoot with a shotgun blast to its upper back. Shot, bleeding, but not quite dead, the bigfoot passes out beside a stream deep in the woods. It is discovered by Marcy Dillon, a high school senior who intends to go to medical school. She has gone to the stream to gather herbs for an important school project.

As Marcy approaches the bigfoot, it revives and is rightfully terrified of her, but it is too weak to harm her. Given the reprieve, she manages to convince it that she wants to help it, not harm it any further.

Marcy is a small-town girl with big-town, world-class abilities, and she assumes responsibility for helping the bigfoot recover enough strength and stamina to return to wherever it came from.

What Marcy does not realize is that the hunter who shot the bigfoot returned to their isolated hometown, and the bigfoot tracked him down to exact revenge. Now everyone in the town knows a seriously wounded bigfoot is somewhere up in the forested mountains surrounding them.

If the bigfoot can be successfully recovered, dead or alive, it will be worth a fortune in earned income and publicity for their isolated area. A large posse of local men is gathered to begin the hunt in earnest. That posse includes Marcy’s father and boyfriend, both of whom she tries to dissuade from going, but both refuse.

It will be a life-and-death race for the bigfoot, but soon after their journey begins, it becomes life-and-death for Marcy, too. Now, however, she has no choice but to continue onward to meet whatever fate has in store for both of them.

This ebook sounds entertaining and action packed and is available for only $6.95.
I will be reading it today at the salon!

Here are some reviews of the book so far:
Review by: Alex Freed on Jan. 24, 2012 : (no rating)
I absolutely love this book, I couldn't put it down, Bigfoots are my favorite creatures!! This is the most fascinating subject and I highly recommend anything that Lloyd Pye has written on the subject whether fiction or non fiction, I have all his books!! Will read it to my son next, he is 8 and will love it!! Keep up the excellent work Mr Pye, we love you!! Ps. any chance of a sequel, can Marcy go and stay with Big and his family???

Review by: Crystal Jiles on Jan. 18, 2012 : star star star star star
Not only does this book, give possible insight into the mind of a Bigfoot, it also provides such a riveting story line that will appeal to a broad spectrum of people. It certainly isn't your typical "bigfoot story" where you are aware throughout the story that it was strictly written for fantasy. This book however, will soften even the hardest skeptic to the idea that this could very well happen. Mr. Pye has a definite gift of story telling that will captivate and well as educate. Can't wait for the next books Mr. Pye has to offer in the future.
Lloyd Pye
Big’s original incarnation was a screenplay I wrote in 1984, when I lived in Los Angeles and worked as a screenwriter. In 1985, it was optioned by a small independent production company, but their size didn’t stop them from arranging funding for it, and soon it was in full pre-production. They secured time commitments from a handful of B-list actors and a well-regarded British director, and our bigfoot’s costume and makeup and special effects were contracted to a master of that field in Hollywood.

Everything was solidly on track for our low-budget movie to be a rousing success. Unfortunately, in Hollywood the best-laid schemes gang aft agley. When executives at Universal Studios—then as now, one of the largest production companies in the world—heard about our pending production and recognized its earnings potential, they inquired about buying into it. Our young producers—who, when they optioned the screenplay from me, were then temporarily its owners—politely declined, explaining that they had the production details well in hand and did not need additional participation.

In hindsight, that was an offer they should not have refused. Soon afterward, our independent, low-budget production found itself in a game of Hollywood hardball, confronted with a new bigfoot movie coming from the production company of Steven Spielberg, arguably the best writer-director-producer in Hollywood at that time, and whose offices happened to be based at—surprise!—Universal Studios.

The new Universal movie was a silly comedy called Harry and the Hendersons, with a budget announced at $15 million. Our production was a dramatic, action-filled, coming-of-age story, and our budget was not in the ballpark of Spielberg’s. Also—and this was key—because theirs was a comedy and ours was a drama, we had no way to suggest, much less prove, that they got the idea to produce a bigfoot movie at the particular time they chose to do it as a direct result of our production. Legally, we were outflanked.

Although our producers were already picking shooting sites, they could not maintain their momentum against the Spielberg/Universal juggernaut. They soon found themselves without their promised funding, they could gain no traction with other potential investors, and ultimately the Big project was a near-miss, and today it is a never-was…as a movie.

Fortunately, I turned the script into a novel, so now you can experience its drama as the eBook you are about to read. The story is the same as it was then, and everyone who read it then felt it had the potential to become a terrific movie. So who knows? Maybe Steven Spielberg will decide it’s time to put things right regarding this matter.

I’m not holding my breath…but crazier things have happened in Hollywood.

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