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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A New Report of an Old Encounter

As told by Sean J.~
Saturday night I was at a longtime friends house as he was telling some other guests about a scary incident that happened to him when he was in high school.
I knew the story as I had heard it several times before and had always gotten a good laugh out of it...but this time he added a few details that he had never mentioned before.
It was sometime in the early '80's and he was with his girlfriend and another couple at a "makeout spot", the Old Stone Bridge in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. To give each the other couple privacy, he and his date decided to go for a walk down a closed road. The road went down a hill and into a valley. It was a moonlit night and visibility was not bad. As he and his date got about 1/2 mile from the car, they both saw "a large man suddenly sit up inside the treeline on the right", ahead of them. They both froze. "And the guy was big. His head was probably 4ft off the ground as he was sitting there. And then he got up, with a real creepy weird movement. He was tall." (*The following parts are what he never told me before*)"He had like real long arms, like down to his knees", as he told this part of the story he was motioning with his hands on his arms, to show the length. "And he started to walk towards us and stepped onto the road. And it stunk....really bad like something died. I grabbed my girls arm and said "Run!"...but apparently I didnt grab her arm. I got to the car and started pounding on the windows and screaming for them to let me in. I yelled that if they didnt open the doors I was gonna break the fucking window! Theres a guy out here in the woods!...and then I realized the girl wasnt there! Shit! I ran back down the road and she was STILL STANDING IN THE SAME PLACE! Frozen with fear!I dont know where the guy was and didnt even think to look. I just grabbed the girl and basically dragged her back up the road to the car and they opened the doors and I told them to get the hell outta here."
This guy knows nothing about bigfoot, doesnt care about bigfoot and had never mentioned the arm length or the smell before when he was telling the story, and would have no reason to lie. The only people there last night was myself and another couple.
I almost fell over when told these additional details.
By the way, he lives in Bedford.

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