Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visits from the Forest People

I received my complimentary review copy of Visits from the Forest People by Julie Scott and the Scott family and sat down on a snowy Saturday afternoon to read.  The book was not very long at all and I was finished by dinner time.
  The Scott family moved into a new home on the Oregon coast and immediately began having strange experiences with what they believed to be a Bigfoot creature.  I was disappointed in the lack of physical evidence shared by the story teller, but I had a chance to chat with researcher "Barb" who assures me that the occurrences were real.
 Julie and her husband make no secret of the fact that they were not happy in their new home and had moved on after only 6 months.  Ironically, a Bigfoot enthusiast took over possession of the home for the remainder of their year long lease.  Several researchers inhabited the homestead in the 6 months and gave up the property as the incidents decreased over time.
The book offers little more than a Class B report and Julie's story has been told on several internet radio shows and reported on the BFRO website. 

 The book is available at Amazon.com for under $13.00

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