Monday, November 21, 2011

Juvenile Squatch Spotted at Salt Fork!

Hi SHARON! I was at the park with some friends yesterday that wanted to see the Stone house!so we went there and the gate was locked and closed for the season!so we decided that we would walk down the road to see the stone house any ways!!well as me and my wife rounded the curve ,we saw a juvenile squatch stand up from a crouched position and run off to the right to the valley between the stone house and the handicap area!!well there were 3 girls and the mom all ready down there on the far front side of the stone house taking pictures of her daughters!!!and it looked like the squatch was spying on them from behind a tall stand of ornamental grass until we rounded the corner going down to the stone house and then it noticed us at which time it stood up ran off!!
it was all black in color and was about four and a half to five foot tall !!!it was a sight that startled us as we were not expecting that to happen!!well talk to you later!


  1. Interesting! A couple years ago I was going to see the Stone House one afternoon at Salt Fork. On the gravel road that leads to the house there is a small ranch house. It's on top a hill above the Stone House. It's where whomever is the curator for the Stone House at the time lives. There were a couple folks in front of the house talking so I stopped the car, got out and started talking with them. During our conversation 3 loud and close by "whoops" erupted from the woods across the road and down the hill a little ways. We were startled by it and paused in our conversation for a few seconds. We talked for about 5 more minutes before I got back in the car and continued down the road to the Stone House. There were no other people around and I had heard that "whooping" sound a couple other times before at different places... think it might have been a Squatch.

  2. Sharon,
    This sighting took place probably a couple hundred yards from where my MIST team found the 14.5 inch print when we were hiking at the convention. (See photo on MIST FB). Probably mama foot! Hoping to bring the team back in the spring, some interesting locations at SF that need combing!

  3. Grey Geezer, I am not sure what MIST is can you send me a link?



    We are a close knit group of family and friends who spend hours and days outdoors hunting, fishing and camping. Located in SE MI but originally I am from Elyria. Six of us were down for the convention!